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Web Design for a Chemical Trading Company

Kimia International Pte Ltd

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Project: Web Design for a Chemical Trading ...
Industry: Trade Logo
Contest Launched: Apr 21, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 216 concepts
Winning Design by: FuturisticDesign
Close Date: May 14, 2015

Web Design for a Chemical Trading Company - Trade

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Web Design for a Chemical Trading Company

Kimia International Pte Ltd


Kimia is a global trading company and a Chemical Distributor. Our head office is in Singapore but our customers, suppliers and manufacturers come from all parts of the world. We serve each order personally taking care of quality of goods, JUST IN TIME delivery, and have expertise in handling of required documentation. Our main AIM is to assist all our customer through the complete process of buying goods without any hassle. Our sales and marketing specialist assist not only with the sales and delivery process but also advice on storage and handling of chemicals with detail specification. Our Core business is Chemicals but as a Trader we also do other products as per our customers.

• We want to market and promote our company and products (chemical) so design should explain about us and it should be user centric. So that the users can explore the website easily. • This portal will be a Business to Business portal so no online transaction or payment will be involved. • The design and color scheming should be of global standard, professional and should be in align with the latest trend. • A proper landing page is also expected so that we can know our customer and their requirements. Page should be standard, simple and capture only the necessary information’s. • Design should be responsive so that it is compatible with mobile, tablets and any form of desktop. • Page size is expected to be less so images used in creating the page should be compressed ad to be used only wherever required. • We are planning to build the website in HtML 5, java and we are planning to use bootstrap framework for CSS to make it completely responsive and compatible.




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  • May 08, 2015 6:50 AM
    Kimia Kimia
      Project Holder
    To Futuristic Design, Pivotal and Jog designer Thanks for your design. For our Logo we have selected one design: Design no #128 , so you can copy the same color scheming and also incorporate the logo in your web design. Thanks Niha Agarwalla

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  • May 04, 2015 10:51 PM
    Kimia Kimia
      Project Holder
    To Futuristic Design, Pivotal and Jog designer Thanks for your design but we want a small formatting in it: 1. This website as you all are aware is a B2B portal and not B2C portal. 2.The design should have call to action Button. 3. The design should not have too many images or contents in a page. 4. Details should be as such people can understand that we are a chemical Trading company and they can contact us easily , through some click so there can be something like call us or email us now or follow us on social media, so all these features has to be added. Please also take in mind we can have website in different languages in future, so the design should be as such that layout should not be disrupted. Headers and footers should be built as per the latest design patterns. 5. Space where we can include a video in the main page.

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