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Website for a Supplier of Organic Ingredients for Skin Care and Cosmetics

Supplier of organic botanicals, extracts and oils used as ingreidients for skin care and beauty

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Project: Website for a Supplier of Organic ...
Industry: Personal Care Logo
Contest Launched: Mar 12, 2015
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Winning Design by: jogdesigner
Close Date: Mar 19, 2015

Website for a Supplier of Organic Ingredients for Skin Care and Cosmetics - Personal Care

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Website for a Supplier of Organic Ingredients for Skin Care and Cosmetics

Supplier of organic botanicals, extracts and oils used as ingreidients for skin care and beauty

Personal Care

OrganicPure Leaf Inc. is a company established in Houston, Texas as a supplier of quality certified organic botanicals, extracts and oils for use as ingredients in skin and personal care products. The company supports eco-friendly practices and sustainable footprints from its origin of sources across the globe. The company partners with organic farmers in under developed communities to provide fair trade opportunities that produce healthy development and growth for the local people living in these communities. Through partnership and education the company is dedicated in advancing organic farming throughout the world as a sustainable source of economic stability for rural under developed communities. Our value to our customers is our expertise of obtaining high quality organic ingredients traced directly form the source to delivery at the lowest cost. We offer customized quantity packaging from small samples to bulk containers and expertise in the logistics of ensuring products are delivered on time of the highest quality. This allows our customers to focus on their core business strength without the hassle of maneuvering through the complexity of importing through the myriad of regulations. Our company partners with local representatives in outlying regions to discover new sources of raw materials that produce health and beauty results for personal care. These new and innovative ingredients are usually time consuming and difficult to obtain for most companies. To be eco-friendly we ensure that our raw materials originate from farms or areas that are traceable, renewable and sustainable. The raw materials we obtain can be used for a multitude of skin health and cosmetic purposes such as anti-aging, fighting wrinkles, removal of dark spots, hydration of skin and so on. Through global partnerships and relationships with local organic farmers the company is able to ensure quality of the raw materials through monitoring and authenticating that the products are meeting or exceeding certified organic criteria. Our goal is to become the preferred global partner and supplier of natural and certified ingredients to the cosmetics and personal care industry while leading and advancing in eco-friendly and organic farming practices.




white or black

above header

Would like the site to compliment the colors in our company logo

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  • March 13, 2015 7:37 PM
    HumphreylKeith HumphreylKeith
      Project Holder
    To all designers, There are certain messages we want to get across to potential customers who browse our website.. 1) We are an international business with the capability to do business across the world.... sites like or are some good examples 2)We are in the business of selling quality organic eco-friendly ingredients for personal care, skin care and cosmetics the site should reflect eco-friendly graphics and graphics of oils, botanicals or other raw materials. Not on beauty, please do not submit designs that focus on spa and beauty. We want to highlight our ability to partner with Organic farmers around the world 3) Initially this will not be an ecommerce site however we would like to incorporate an inquiry basket (similar to a shopping basket) please go to for an example of how an inquiry basket works. 4) We invested a lot in our Logo, Company name and tagline we want these items prominent on the site. We want people to be able to see our logo easily without being buried somewhere on the page that does not draw there eyes to it. 5) Colors we want eco-friendly colors that compliment our logo thanks

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