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Avoid Warnings and/or Trademark Violations At ZillionDesigns

We expect all of our designers to submit original design work only.

Unfortunately, some don't, thus breaking the rules at ZillionDesigns. To be sure that our website is fair to each designer and contest holder, we've put a warning and trademark violation system in place. Warnings and trademark violations could result in a designer being banned permanently from ZillionDesigns.

Warnings at ZillionDesigns

Warnings could be issued to a designer for several reasons. Here are just two examples of issues that would call for a warning. Please note, the issuing of warnings is at the discretion of the ZillionDesigns support team. If you have questions about a warning, please contact our support department.

Designers who do the following will be issued a warning:

  • Ignoring ZillionDesigns's rules & policies.
  • Using foul language or abusive context with either other designers or contest holders. Your comments will be deleted and you will receive a warning.
  • Creating a fake trademark report.
  • Using the wrong software and/or applications.
  • Advertising for your business and/or freelance work.
  • Submitting one design to multiple contests.

Warnings are notated on a designer's profile. Keep reading to see how warnings could lead to a suspension or a permanent ban from ZillionDesigns.

Trademark Violations at ZillionDesigns

A trademark violation is not only a severe issue at ZillionDesigns, but it's also a federal offense.

What happens when a derivative version of a design that has a trademark is found on ZillionDesigns?

  • If the derivative version is uploaded and found during an active contest the draft will be removed and the designer will receive a trademark violation.
  • If the derivative draft is found after a contest is finalized, there are several steps taken:
  • ZillionDesigns will suggest that the contest holder changes aspects of the design or selects a different design, or we will extend the contest for free.
  • The designer that had uploaded the derivative draft will receive a trademark violation.

Suspending & Banning Designers

The staff at ZillionDesigns works hard to guarantee that all of our designers and contest holders are protected. At times, ZillionDesigns is faced with no other option but to suspend and/or ban a designer.

ZillionDesigns will take the following repercussions:

  • Designer has received 3 warnings. They will be suspended for 3-7 days and this could result in a permanent ban.
  • A designer receives 1 trademark violation and has 10 or more current wins, the designer will be suspended for 3-7 days.
  • If the designer has less than 10 current wins, the designer will be banned.
  • A designer receives 2 trademark violations. This designer will be banned permanently.
  • A designer has 2 warnings and 2 trademark violation. This designer will be banned permanently.

Removing Warnings and/or Trademark Violations

We understand that mistakes can happen. Thus, we have a forgiveness policy for those with warnings or trademark violations.

If a designer receives a trademark violation or warning point, one of these violations can be removed once 10 contests (starting when the violation was applied) have been won. Only contests after the receipt of the violation will be counted.

Please note: In order to limit the number of designs reported as a result of trolling, you must report designs within 3 days of finalization of the contest in which it was entered. After that timeframe, reports will not be considered.