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How to Design an Eye-Catching Blog Logo Design

When brainstorming ideas to create a great logo for your blog, it is vital to understand how this online platform is content driven. Since blog websites are naturally type-based, it can be challenging to grab a reader's interest and attention right away.

The blogging community boasts a fairly large number of bloggers having a unique and solid logo which helps to grab and hold the attention of readers, turning them into subscribers. And why should you get left behind?

Designing a blog logo can be tricky at first and will require a lot of your time. However, this article covers crucial elements that go into designing a blog identity image which is tailor-made for you. Even if you already have a logo, this article is for you because it will help you in improving the existing design. The need to revamp your blog can come up at any time because the trends and technologies being followed are changing tremendously.

Why You Need an Image for Your Blog

In today's highly competitive business industries, you're putting a lid on future growth and success without good brand identity. This applies to bloggers as well. Some might argue that it's a matter of personal choice even though their competitors are pressing ahead by having a great-looking brand image.

Bloggers must come to terms with the fact that one of the fastest and most practical ways of building your blog and winning audiences, is to boost your reputation and standing in the online market. But how exactly can you achieve this?

There are seas of blogs on the World Wide Web so how can you stick your neck out and get noticed? First off, you're not making it easy on yourself by having a plain blog name in text, acting as the header. What you need is an afterburner to boost your credibility. For one thing, it can complement your products and services such as videos or eBooks and it would look far more credible than just a domain name.

Blogs are quick to gain popularity once their visual identities are etched in the minds of audiences. Once you manage to create that brand recognition, you have done your part. What better way to do this than creating an attractive blog logo? You simply cannot pass up on the opportunity to have more readers connecting with you online.

Finally, a prominent design stands out as an important symbol of not only credibility but authority as well.

Let's get to the really good stuff - the makings of a great design.

Famous Blog Logo Designs

famous blog logo designs

Having the Right Colors under Your Command

The temptation to use any color that appears pleasing can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Consider how your logo looks with the blog theme.

Using the right color based on the theme also involves coupling it with a shade that's ideal. You don't want it to look out of place.

Different hues of blues and reds are common among bloggers. However, as mentioned, it doesn't have to be restricted. You can get creative depending on your target audience, in addition to the subject matter of the blog.

Whether you have an existing blog or planning to start one, it is essential that you go ahead and study current designs to better conceptualize your own design. You may borrow certain elements here and there, but always make sure the colors you pick are distinct from competing blog designs.

Fitness Blog Logos

logo for fitness blog
lotus flower yoga logo
Illustrative Fitness Blog Logo of blond woman

Why Typography Matters

The "symbol and text design" style is synonymous among blog logos, because they're also incorporated in the header image. Due to this, you are going to need a font that stands out. Naturally, typography will vary depending on your target audience and your personal preferences. At a glance, personal blogs sport artsy fonts. Professional blogs usually go for simpler and bolder typefaces.

Keep clear of complicated fonts such as the macabre or grunge type, unless of course, that's exactly the kind of image you wish to portray.

Lifestyle Blog Logo Designs

lifestyle blog logo
Dead Thoughts Blogo Logo PNG
lifestyle blog logo design
Personal stylist blogger logo

Finding Your Own Groove

Let's get the obvious out of the way; you may come across blog images that are all too similar at times. These are typically bloggers taking shortcuts by replicating the logo that has been designed by someone who knows, understands and implements the rules. These "emulators" tend to think that in order to achieve success at any level; they must have something that resembles the best players in the business. This is a mistake and a misconception at best. Can you think of anyone with high search engine results who imitated someone else?

It is best to sit down with a professional logo artist and discuss your options. This is a great investment that can pay handsome dividends for years to come. To get an idea of the designer's skills and previous work, ask for a design portfolio. Also make sure, you lay out all the details in plain black and white. After all, the hard work your designer puts inis going to be dependent on your input as well.

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