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writing and editing service logo design ideas


In a world where graphics and visuals are treated with utmost respect, professions which involve writing and editing are often left to deal with the stigma of being called boring and ineffectual. "Did you see the graphics in that movie?" or "What a visual brand experience that was!" is what you overhear at the cinema but little credit is given to the writer who wrote the script. To the general public, writing and editing services are more of a boring affair, but to the various industries which require these services, content is king. No impactful movies, clever advertisements or business branding can be successful without these.

Why shouldn't writers and editors get the credit they deserve and improve their public image? Just as the visual industry uses scripts and words as an aid, writing and editing services should use graphical elements to enhance their identity. We feel writers and editors have a thing or two to learn from copywriting company logos, as they usually have logos and websites which are brimming with originality. Creativity is a major standpoint for any service which requires writing, but to impart this skill through a professional looking brand graphics is an art (which can be learned). Let's discuss in detail some of the techniques used by copywriters to make their companies stand out and how anyone in the field of stringing words together can use these techniques to create powerful writing and editing service brand identities.

Play it up with some color

The logo displayed below proves that professional writing and editing service logos do not have to be dull. "Word." is a copywriting company based in the UK which had its identity and collateral designed by Passport - a young and independent design bureau founded by Jonathan Finch & Rosalind Stoughton, based in Leeds.

We love how the designers who created this icon have used neon yellow to create an identity which shows that that the company is professional yet not typical with its approach. Notice how the color used for this logo is exactly the same as that of a highlighter which is invariably linked to researching and writing. Smart choice isn't it? Think out of the box about which element you want to add to your brand, instead of using the boring, obvious and cliched ones.

Add a snazzy tagline

Another element to add to writing and editing service symbol could be a tagline as it gives your audience a glimpse of your clever writing technique. Invest some time and energy in the creation of one and then add it to your design. Taglines are generally not added to logos and are used on websites and marketing collaterals instead, but we feel it is a smart choice for writers and editors to add it to their logos. Of course, you must keep in mind that the tagline fits in well with the aura of your design. The logo design for Word is again appropriate as an example here, as the tagline is well reinforced by the design of the logo itself.

Since the tagline is "professional copy with character", the designer has used different fonts to show how the company's services are adaptable to many genres. A very clever tactic to use but we suggest you delve into this one with caution. Using different fonts to create different looks can end up causing confusion for your audience. For starters, just add a catchy tagline to your symbol so that the audience knows you are adept with words.

Do your research

The thing with writing and editing service branding is that that there is no set pattern to follow, but it is a good idea to know what other designs in the industry look like. Shortlist the ones you like and see how they have created an impressive design. If you want to create a symbol which stands out, running a research will show you what others are doing. You can keep these in mind to create a concept that has never been used before. However, you can also safely use typical elements and make your logo impressive. See the logo below created by Husac Lucian for Click Clack - a copywriting company based in Denmark.

Consider compatibility with your website

Compatibility is something which should be considered for logos in any industry, but more so for writing and editing service companies as they struggle to get noticed. If you already have a website or have decided on a theme, design a logo which is greatly compatible with it in terms of colors and style. We stress on the importance of a compatible logo because the overall look of your website is critical for your company's growth. You should establish the importance of your writing service by adding some kickass copy on your website along with a logo which boasts of your impeccable taste and aesthetic sense. See this website for Rule of Three as an example.

The logo is simple but complements the website and also stands out on the dark gray background. This is a must visit website if you would like to see the power of words and design in action.

A well thought out, compatible and adaptable logo also helps you create great marketing campaigns. When you see the logo for Ink, a copywriting team, you see simplicity, but when you see the website and marketing collaterals created by Mytton Williams, you see ingenious creativity.

The ability to project creativity through a website or marketing collateral is a job half done for writers as it projects exactly what their job is all about: thinking broadly. Creating a logo which is compatible with your future projects is something which should be considered in the early phases of the logo design creation process. We strongly suggest you keep this in mind when deciding what your logo should look like.

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