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Missing Charity Organization Logo Design Elements

When companies are getting their logos designed, they know exactly what they want. There is always a checklist ready in their minds about what should be a part of the whole design. However, there are four critical factors in a beautiful looking logo design that are at times forgotten not only by designers but also by the company owners. While these elements are easy to forget, they can leave the identity design of your charity organization incomplete and ineffective.

So, to make sure that you are not making these mistakes, here is an explanation of the design elements you should not ignore:

1) Multiple Design Files For Different Purposes

As the identity of your brand, the final logo sent to you will be used for a lot of different things. It would appear on your business cards, flyers, brochures, banners and all other marketing material. This means that the final design would need to be scaled to different sizes and converted into different colors so that it can be used perfectly.

This is the reason why designers should always be asked to provide multiple files in high quality. While your designer can chose to offer you more, the least number of files you should get is four.

First, there should be a proper spot color based file that the company can use as its actual or original logo. The other file should be a pure CMYK file that does not use any spot colors. The last two files should be pure white and pure black. All these files should be properly cleaned as well and they should not have pattern swatches, gradients or extra colors that were not a part of the original logo design. Extra graphic styles and brushes should also be cleaned off from these files and once all this is done, the resulting files you receive will be technically flexible for all possible uses.

logo design file types

2) Right colors that will work in a design

Unless you already have corporate colors to consider, try to get colors in your logo that can match multiple applications seamlessly. Colors that don't make a unique mark or don't look good with different colors are known to have a neutral value and should be avoided in most cases. Consider the colors green and blue as these are the most commonly used for charity and fundraising event logos. If your charity organization does not have brand colors already, these colors would matter even more as they would become your brand colors.

3) The Cleanliness at Full Zoom

Most of the time, designers create logos in smaller sizes but that does not mean that they won't be used in large size. You might need to use it to design billboards, trade shows or other such platforms, where the logo will be blown up to a massive size. So even though any imperfections in the design like a path crossing itself or an extra anchor point, might not be apparent when the logo is used in smaller sizes, all these imperfections will become very clear when it is showcased on a larger scale.

To avoid these mishaps, it is important to check logos for these minor issues before the final design is accepted. Make sure the designer has zoomed in and removed these anomalies from the design. Check the final drafts by zooming them to full size and checking for design irregularities. Handles and anchor points should be checked especially as they become apparent when an image is blown up.

4) The Ownership Mark in the Design

When you are trying to brand your charity organization in a professional way, having proper copyrights of your designs is very important. Therefore, you should always have an ownership mark included in your design, so that no copyright issues can arise in future. This can be a registered mark, trademark sign or any other service mark that can help you claim the design as your own. To make it appear flawless, this mark should be worked into the design itself with proper color and font considerations. Instead of trying to hide it in a corner, you should try and make it a part of the actual design.

If you don't already have these design elements on your logo checklist, then add them now. Making sure these four elements are in order can help you get the best identity design for your charity organization.

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