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Iconic Fundraising Logos That Stand Out

Every time customers and prospects think of an organization, they think of a symbol which projects the brand in a unique way. The logo plays a vital role in how you are perceived not just now, but for years to come. This visual representation adds personality to your noble cause, as you try to reach out and appeal to your audience.

You may already have a well-established graphic design for your fundraising organization or NGO. It may, however, help your cause even more to consider revising it so the non-profit business looks more appealing and heart-warming.

There are several characteristics that go into designing a logo that's well-received and has staying power.

The Language of Authenticity

When it comes to fundraising or charity organizations, a straightforward and honest logo should be the main objective of your design process. Since you're in the non-profit business of providing help to others, the design has to have warmth and genuine authenticity.

Does it Have Meaning?

The purpose of having brand identities in the first place is to evoke certain feelings and emotions. Some fundraising organizations prefer going with a simple and beautiful logo design like a basic shape that is surrounded by the brand name. Though this works, it is far less memorable than a unique design that complements the brand.

Fundraising and charity organization images have designs which tap into people's hearts and make them feel that what you are doing is important and meaningful. This is why your logo should accurately represent your cause and must be a symbol for compassion, seriousness, passion and humanitarian appeal. Simple yet specific design philosophies are what work best.

Flexibility is Key

You may come up with a beautiful design combined with in eye-catching colors, but you should also consider how well it fits into different formats. For example, a flexible organizational image looks just as good in black and white as it does in color. It can be scaled easily so it can look good on both big and small platforms. And, it is unique enough to be protected by a trademark.

A flexible design appeals to customers everywhere, whether they come across it online or in print format. Knowing how to use these elements of flexibility to your advantage makes it easier to hand out branded items or business cards to your clients. It also etches your design better in their minds.

One for the Long Haul

A crucial aspect of designing fundraising company identities is how well it holds out over the years.

How do we ensure this longevity? Keep clear of trendy designs that may make your logo outdated as a new trend takes hold. If you don't take care of this, you may need to create an entirely new branding strategy, which won't sit well with your loyal customers. Remember, customers prefer to associate with the old design as opposed to something that is entirely new.

Fundraising Logo Samples

abstract people fundraising company logo
mascot fundraising logo design
I am a Voice charity logo
smiley face fundraising logo

Furthermore, if you keep creating new designs or logos according to the trends, your customers will be confused about the current one which is being used. It will also lead audiences to question if the organization still sticks to the traditional values they've sworn by over the years.

How Colors Evoke Emotions

Here are some common colors used in logos and the emotions they stir up help woo audiences:

  • Red is a symbol of courage, energy and strength
  • Blue conveys trust, intelligence and has a calming effect
  • Yellow is well known for creativity, confidence, kindness and optimism
  • Orange communicates feelings of security and warmth
  • Green is a great choice for promoting peace, harmony and balance
  • Pink is a good option if your efforts are focused more towards love and femininity
  • Other more basic options include elegant and sophisticated black, neutral grey, earthy browns or pure white

Famous Fundraising Logos

Research - Where to Start

To have a charity brand image that's easily identifiable, you must research on the type of audiences you wish to reach out to. Once you've devised a concept, you can run some comparisons to determine how other organizations have designed their logos.

Though, caution must be exercised because spending too much time analyzing other designs may lead you to criticize your own work. You don't want to be in a situation where you end up ditching a design that is in fact, perfect for your cause.

The Font Parade

Knowing how to effectively get your message across requires crafty use of fonts. Serif fonts are ideal for setting a serious and respectable tone for your fundraising efforts. A sans serif typeface boasts a more modern feel. A script font may also work but it can be difficult to understand and you don't want to have clients struggling to make out what the font reads.

Fundraising for a Cause Logos

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline logo PNG
Roald Dahl Charity logo
Charity logo design
Toybox fundraiser logo PNG

So if your cause is geared towards providing support for children, utilize a font that looks like children's handwriting. This is going to no doubt appeal to kids and stand out well as a children's fund raising organization.

Consult an experienced graphics designer who can lay out unique options in front of you. Now that you have a vision, it's time to get down to designing that perfect logo which represents your cause well.

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