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Run a search on Google targeting church logos and you will see a plethora of options which have a cross in them. And why not, the cross holds an important place in Christianity in terms of symbolism as it represents the place where Jesus was crucified. It is a reminder of hope and salvation through Jesus's sacrifice and I understand the need for it to be incorporated into church symbols. In fact, it's a great symbol to add, but one thing I want to establish is that it should not be done in a dull way.

Attract, Don't Repel

Religious logos desperately need to catch the attention of the crowd in this fast paced economy, where Americans are easily distracted by atheist and spiritualist theories. It is the responsibility of church organizations to create an identity which attracts instead of repel, and I feel that if church logos keep pertaining to the orthodox identity then it is going to be very hard to get people to even try to understand their religion. An article in Christianity Today gives me hope when it says: "...we will see the "Nones" continue to grow and the church lose more of its traditional cultural influence. Christians will likely lose the culture wars, leading to difficult times ahead for us. But we do not need to lose hope. This is not cause for despair. It is a time to regroup and re-engage."

Regroup and re-engage. I love how this article puts it. Here is a collection of a few boring church logos that you must stay away from, and some really good ones which you can seek inspiration from. Also, I have chosen ones which incorporate a cross to create an interesting comparison of how a single symbol can be graphically presented in a multitude of ways.

The Boring Ones:

They're dull, uncreative and make me want to go to sleep. Sometimes they go the extent of infuriating me because I really don't think such boring representations of Christianity serve their purpose of attracting people towards their religion.

This one is more than disappointing with the tacky gradient behind the font and crosses which look like they were made on MS Paint. How will this symbol ever attract people when the owner of this church did not even bother to have the logo designed in an aesthetic way?

Here's another sucky one. I don't really have any analysis for this one as it doesn't have anything worth talking about. The guy who made this church identity is pretty proud of it and boasting about it on his blog. I'm not quite sure why. Someone really needs to burst his bubble and tell him to use his creative sense.

Okay, so this one uses the same concept as the last one with the added images of a dove and a bible. Guess what? That doesn't really make it any better. Creativity is not about adding as many images as possible to a emblem; it's about projecting an idea creatively.

Glad this is the last one. I'm so bored just talking about these logos. So this one has a cross placed right in the middle of a bible, or something which looks like a bible. Is it a bible? Or a mountain? Can someone help me out here?

They're creative and make the church look good. They show that the people behind the institution are well rounded individuals with an aesthetic sense and church knowledge. Our church institutions should project a progressive attitude so that people realize that the church is not as old fashioned as they think.

The Cool Ones:

As simple as it looks, I love how this graphic subtly incorporates the cross into it. The designer could well have chosen some other direction for the logo but I think the decision to use the initials was a deliberate one as the letter "f" cleverly reveals the cross in it.

I love the use of the cursive font and how the image completely sums up the name of the church. The use of the cross in place of a sun helps build the image of a harvest while the rays behind it help aid the process.

This one is my favorite because it is completely different from the rest. This graphic emblem is an experimental representation of the name The Upstairs Church, but sadly never got anywhere according to the designer. However, I felt this logo was worth mentioning here because of its creative approach.

If you look at this logo without reading the words below you can't really tell that the tree represents the Christian cross, and this is the best part of the logo. I love how it creatively uses the cross and I also love the use of various colors to make it look attractive.

Remember: regroup and re-engage. church logos carry the huge responsibility of appealing to the crowd so that they are more inclined towards their religion. This can never be achieved if our church logos keep using the orthodox identity. Everything around us is changing and church organizations need to adapt to these changes as well. This is not just true for churches but for all church institutions which are seeking to make the world a better place through their teachings.

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