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Gaming Logo Trends to Look Out For

Logo design for games have changed significantly in the past few years due to the fact that most of the games are now made available on small screens of our mobile phones and tablets. They need to be created keeping in mind these small screens and the limited visibility they can offer to the audiences. This means that while creating logo designs that are impactful it is important, they should also be kept simple so that they don't lose visibility when viewed in smaller sizes. Although, the concept of making scalable logos was always there, "small" has now evolved to "tiny". Flat designs with less detail and dimensions are created that are defined by mono-weight lines and flat surfaces are becoming the thing that companies prefer.

However, this simplicity and removal of information has some limitations because in the end, a logo has to fulfill its basic purpose. Moreover, people now are starting to appreciate real things more after being overexposed to everything digital. Handmade designs, historical reconnections and cultural values are becoming highly valued by people, and that applies to your brand identity as well, even if you are in the gaming industry. Keeping all that in mind, logo designers have brought a lot of changes to the designing process in the last few years that have now evolved into trends. When you are getting a logo designed for your company , make sure you watch out for these industry trends.

Letter Stacking

Gone are the days when you had to write the name of your games or company in a complete sentence. If the name is too large, it is stacked into segments today and then arranged in a box like the one below Big Ten. The only concern here is that the name should have mathematically even words that can be divided equally between the stacks. While you can use any type of typeface you like, it should preferably be in uppercase completely to make the stack look perfect and balanced. This type of logo can elicit participation from audience partially as they try to decipher what is written in the stack.

Handwritten Font

The fonts and typefaces that look like hand-drawn writings are quite popular nowadays. Again, this is because people are too tired of looking at the digitalized images and designs time and again. Many designers make the mistake of using a digital font and adding effects to it to make it look like real. This would not bring much authenticity to your design. Make sure your designer create typefaces that are original and actually hand drawn to make them stand out clearly among other designs. This is one trend that would not be ending anytime soon so you don't have to worry about your design going out of date after a short time.

Using Flat Facets

Flat facets is another trend that has become prominent in the past few years. In particular, there are four key types of facets that seem to be dominant at the moment including "Flat Facets", "Type Facets", "Crystals" and "Facet Fields". These facets add a three-dimensional quality to the images in your logo, giving the perception of great value. In gaming logos, these graphics can often be used to denote the winnings, bonuses and rewards players can get, adding to the appeal of the game.

Motion Lines

Another trend worth noticing is the increased use of motion lines in the logo design. As these lines indicate speed and performance, they are perfect for fast-paced or running-based games. Simple yet clear, this is a graphic language that is most easily understood by your audience. Even outside the gaming industry, the motion lines are a widespread trend, especially in the technological industry. Due to its simplicity, it is unlikely to go out of vogue soon so you would not have an ineffective logo any time soon if you rely on this simple element.

There are several other elements that are also quite common in designing identity design for game companies. Here are some of the most commonly noted elements:

  • Digital controllers are mostly used for games, indicating towards a player's ability to manage their challenges with a single button.
  • Acorns are also seen a lot in game symbols, used to represent rewards and greatness. Why acorns of all things? Because acorn is a representative of the nature, auspicious beginning and promise of potential.
  • Long shadows are added more and more to the designs to break the surface tension brought upon by the flat designs. These shadows add more character to a design which is otherwise very simple.

devil mascot gaming logo
symbolic virtual reality gaming company logo
shield icon gaming logo for youtube channel
illustrative knight with shield gaming store logo

Together with some unique elements of your game, these elements can be used to create your identity design. Also, even though the digital designs are not any more preferable, they can still act as the best source of inspiration. Staying informed with the trends before you start with the designing aspect of your company's design can help you decide what you are looking for. Together, you and the identity designers can work on creating a unique and memorable gaming logo for you.

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