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religious center logos for inspiration

A religious logo essentially portrays three important things: the direction of the faith (the religion/sect you follow), whether you are traditional or progressive, and the type of your religious establishment (is it only a place for prayer or a religious community center or both).

If you are a graphic designer, you can probably appreciate how difficult it can be to create such an effective religious logo design while also making sure that it doesn't look too corporate, sales-y, or too shiny and glossy. There needs to remain a sense of maturity and spirituality in the design. And this can only be achieved via a simple design that is only clever but subtle in its choice of design elements.

When it comes to selecting colors for religious logos, there are certain colors that each religion prefers over other hues and shades. White, blue, red, and yellow are mostly used in Christian logos. Green is the preferred color for Islamic logo designers, and blue is the most common color you'll find in Judaism logos.

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