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Frequently Asked Questions at Design Store by Clients

1. How’s the Design Store different from the custom design service you provide?

With Design Store you can choose and finalize pre-made designs instantly. You don’t have to wait for designers to submit individual design drafts before you finalize the one you like the best. It’s cost effective and consumes the least amount of time.

2. How does the Design Store process work?

If you decide to purchase a logo design, brochure or business card design from Design Store, the process begins:

Step 1. Browse through the list of graphic design.

Step 2. Click on “Buy” to purchase the design.

Step 3. Fill out the very short creative brief for minor changes such as font, colors, taglines etc.

Step 4. Fill out billing information and make a payment.

Step 5. Your design will be assigned to the designer for tweaks, and delivered for finalization when it’s ready.

3. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments from PayPal, and all major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express.

4. What kind of customization can I make to the design?

You may add a tagline, company name, change the font, and/or change the colors of the design to a certain extent.

5. What kind of final files will I receive for my chosen design?

Once the designer receives your request he will make the required changes and send over the final files of your chosen design in the following digital and printable formats:

Raster Files

1. .JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group in RGB

2. .PSD or Photoshop Document in RGB

3. .GIF or Graphic Interchange Format in RGB

4. .TIFF or Tagged Image File Format in CMYK

5. .PNG or Portable Network Graphics in RGB

Vector Files

1. .AI or Adobe Illustrator in PMS or CMYK

2. .EPS or Encapsulated Postscript in CMYK

3. .FH or FreeHand in PMS or CMYK

4. .TIFF or Tagged Image File Format in CMYK

4. .PDF or Portable Document File in CMYK

4. .PDF or Portable Document File in CMYK

6. What rights do I have over the design I purchase from Design Store?

At Design Store we offer the following types of rights to clients:

i. Standard rights: This means the design has been purchased by other customers before you, and may be purchased after you. You do not own the exclusive rights.

ii. Exclusive rights: This means the design may have been purchased earlier by other customers but now you own the exclusive rights. We will remove the design once you purchase the exclusive rights.

Once a design is purchased, the responsibility of getting it copyrighted and trademarked lies with the client.

7. What is your refund policy?

Design Store facilitates a platform where graphic designers and clients can come together for selling/buying of designs. All purchases are binding, and considered final once you make a payment; there is no refund after that.

8. How can I communicate with the designer directly?

You may message the designer directly by logging into your account and navigate to the bottom of the design page and send a message.

9. What is the difference between purchased design and finalized design?

A purchased design is one you’ve made a payment for and fill out a request for desired changes such as colors, fonts, and company name etc. You’re waiting for the designer to make the changes.

A finalized design is a design which you’ve paid for; sent for the request for changes; and finalized the changes. Now you’re waiting for the final files to be delivered.

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