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Frequently Asked Questions at Design Store by Graphic Designers

1. Why should I submit my design drafts to the ZD Design Store?

With Design Store, now you don’t have to discard your designs which you’ve worked hard to create but never got finalized. Upload it to Design Store, sell it and earn money for your efforts.

2. When can I upload my design to Design Store?

You can upload your design drafts at any time you like as long as you have secured at least one winning design contest on our crowdsourcing platform.

3. How does Design Store work?

Design Store is a platform that allows clients and graphic designers to come together to buy and sell graphic designs. The process is as follows for graphic designers:

Step 1. Designer upload designs into the store.

Step 2. QA Team reviews design for quality, plagiarism, copyrights or trademark issues.

Step 3. Once approved by QA team, the design will be made “live” for clients to view.

Step 4. Client chooses a design, and fills a creative brief for minor changes.

Step 5. Designer make the changes, and sends over the design for finalization.

Step 6. Once the client finalizes the design, your payment is secured.

4. How will I get paid for my sold designs on Design Store?

You will get paid once you’ve secured a minimum threshold. Minimum threshold for PayPal is currently set at $25.00 while for all other payment methods at $50. In case your minimum payable amount after applicable deductions is less than the threshold amount then we will hold your payment till the next payment cycle.

Our payment cycle are scheduled on 4th, 14th or 24th of the month.

5. Are there any charges for uploading designs?

There are no charges for uploading designs neither are there transactional fees for the designs sold.

6. What is the timeline for delivering final files to the client?

The timeline for delivering the final files to the client is within 24 business hours. If the designer does not revert within 24 hours then the internal design team will make the required changes and deliver to the client at a nominal charge to the designer.

7. What will I get for selling my design on Design Store?

When you upload your design on Design Store you can enjoy the advantage of receiving payments of 30% of the list price for your design, every time the design is sold under standard rights. That means, the design can be sold several times over to different clients!

Note: If a design is purchased by a client under exclusive rights, then it will no longer be listed in the Design Store, and considered as final purchase. The designer will be paid 30% of the exclusive price.

8. What type of design can I upload and how do I start?

Currently, designers can upload logo design, business card, letterhead, stationery and envelope designs.

Log in to Design Store with your designer log in credentials. Once you are there go to:

My Store> Add Design > Publish

9. What does “Waiting for approval” mark on my design mean?

Once you publish your design, it goes through quality control. At this stage your design is not visible to the public. Once your design is approved by the QA team, it will become visible in the list of designs open for purchase by the clients.

Please note: Once design is approved by QA it cannot be changed.

You may message the designer directly by logging into your account and navigate to the bottom of the design page and send a message.

10. What type of design files are required for uploading a design draft?

Designers are required to upload the following file formats as a set to Design Store at the time of Publish. A design may be disapproved by QC Team if it doesn’t have a complete set.

Require file format:

.AI or Adobe Illustrator in PMS or CMYK

.EPS or Encapsulated Postscript in CMYK

.FH or FreeHand in PM or CMYK

.GIF or Graphic Interchange Format in RGB

.JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group in RGB

.PDF or Portable Document File in CMYK

.PSD or Photoshop Document in RGB

.PNG or Portable Network Graphics in RGB

.TIFF or Tagged Image File Format in CMYK

For further information on file formats visit: FAQs for Designers

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