12 Graphic Designer Woes Expressed With GIFs

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 21 2014
Graphic Designers

Featured Image: Unplash/Matt Wildbore

Let’s face it: there are a LOT of moments in the graphic design industry that make designers facepalm!

There are moments that seem to last forever; like clients who have no idea what they’re talking about and insist that they do, and they choose crappy fonts, to the software that doesn’t cooperate or crashes at exactly the wrong moment (we are looking at you, Photoshop!). The list is endless!

It’s headache after headache, and makes your work day a tiring and awful experience. You might throw something if one more thing goes wrong.

So to help you keep your cool, we’re honoring those wonderfully irritating moments through a beloved form of visual presentation: GIFs!

Feel free to use them to visually express your feelings when the need arises.

1. Clients who keep asking for a different font

When Clients Can't Decide

2. “Make it POP!”

Popping Out

3. Clients who ask for certain colors , not realizing that printing colors may change

You Don't Understand Color Printing

4. Your best ideas come to you when you’re going to bed…

Ideas Coming At Bedtime

5. …But when you sit down, ready to work–

Can't Think Of Anything

6. “By the way, I want it done by tomorrow.”

Start Panicking

7. “You have complete creative control–

Happy To Have Control

8. “–hold on, that isn’t quite what I had in mind.”

Sad To Not Have Control

9. Slow Payments

Time Does Not Approve

10. The application you’re using crashes and you forgot to save hours worth of work

Application Crashing Response GIF

11. The application crashes WHILE you’re trying to save your work

Angry Computer Smash

12. Clients who think they know more than the designer

You Are Not God

Do you relate to any of these?  Do you have any other annoying moments you’d like to share with us?  Have some good GIFs to represent your woes?  Share with us in the comments, or tweet us @ZillionDesigns!

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