How to Add Action Into Your Sports Logo Using Graphic Elements

By Michael Baker , Feb 4 2022
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Most people can recognize or pick out the logo of their favorite basketball or football team immediately. Chances are that you may be able to describe the symbol of the team you support in detail. The colors, icons and design is very important for the success of a sports club or league as they can have a lasting impact on potential fans. Since a sports brand design is featured on merchandise such as shirts, jerseys, bags and other items, it’s one of the first things that organizations focus on.

Be it the NBA, MLB or NFL, teams in any association or league pay a lot of attention to their icons and use them effectively to build a loyal fan base. Take the example of the Los Angeles Lakers here. The purple and gold logo colors are associated with the basketball team and represent the core values of the organization.

People across the globe are able to recognize the logo which features the classic color scheme and the unique wordmark. These are just some of the factors that make the icon so distinctive. If you are looking for ways to add action in your sports brand using such graphic elements, here are a few ways to try!

Need For Speed

If you think about it, winning on the field or court has a lot to do with speed and quick movements. There are quite a few teams across various leagues and associations that represent their drive to go forward through the logos by using swooshes, lines or icons. If you consider the example given above, you will see how the LA Lakers have added motion to its brand symbol by highlighting it in the wordmark.

Sports Logo 1
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Similarly, the Houston Rockets have also represented the speed and motion in their logo with the lines and swooshes around ‘R’. The design gives the impression of a rocket and is inspired by the name of the basketball team.

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While the icon has changed quite a few times over time, there is one thing which has remained at the center since the beginning. When looking to create a logo design for a sports league, you can consider such elements that add to its appeal.

Sports Logo 2
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Pro Tip: Go with any swoosh around a symbol or merge a lettermark with motion lines for a stronger impact.

Strike with a Color Contrast

Colors are an incredibly important part of the process and can make or break a logo. It’s why designers put a lot okf thought into choosing the right color scheme and palette which brings out the desired emotions or feelings. When it comes to any brand logo, the colors represent the industry, nature of business and convey the brand values as well. People associate positive or negative traits with certain tones such as blue, green, earthy browns, red or gold among others.

Each color has a meaning behind it so it’s crucial to pick relevant ones that represent your sports team or association in the best way possible. If you take the example of logos for Chicago Bulls, New England Patriots, Manchester United or Barcelona F.C., it’s easy to see how these symbols have become widely recognized across the globe.

Sports Logo 3
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Sports Logo 4
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With a striking color contrast, each of these logos have managed to connect with fans everywhere and draw attention on any print or digital medium. You will find that many sports brand icons have red as a dominant color as it stands for passion and excitement. Teams and organizations effectively use this in contrast with black, blue, yellow or white. You can consider pairing up primary colors with neutrals or against a solid background.

Pro Tip: Contrast two or three colors that catch the eye of the viewer instantly like an aggressive red with a muted yellow, green or orange.

Appeal With Dynamic Typography

This is also one of the most crucial elements of graphic designs and can bring the entire logo design together. The fonts that you pick should represent the team or club and send out the right message to the audience. Mostly, organizations opt for customized font styles in their sports logos to stand out and create wider recognition.

So while you can experiment with various options, make sure that the letters are clear and do not confuse the viewer in print, on merchandise like jerseys and backpacks or website and social media. For sports logo designs, it is important to choose bold and dynamic Serif or Sans Serif fonts that reflect the history, origin and purpose of the brand.

Consider examples of Arsenal F.C., Golden State Warriors or Roger Federer’s logo, ‘RF’. The typography immediately engages the viewer and makes a strong impression from the first look. Some teams or clubs also go with cursive or script for a greater impact and to draw attention with the typography.

Sports Logo 5
Image Source: Wikimedia

Sports Logo 6
Image Source:Logos-world

Show Strength With Animal Imagery

You may be able to recall a lot of logos with animal imagery inspired from the brand or business name. In sports, this is quite common as many teams have their own mascots such as a bear, bull or hawk. Basketball teams such as Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets both have logos with animal imagery that represents the name. Their mascots are also quite popular on the court and often seen interacting with the players and fans.

Sports Logo 7
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Sports Logo 8
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If you take the example of the Pittsburgh Penguins, their logo has a penguin holding a hockey stick. This makes it quite clear that the team belongs to the Hockey League and also creates a positive perception in the minds of the fans.

Sports Logo 9
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Animal or sports imagery is also used to showcase aggression and seriousness. The Milwaukee Bucks changed their logo multiple times from a cartoon buck to a more mature version where it appears focused and determined. You can take inspiration or ideas from such sports logos and add such elements to your sports logo.

Pro Tip: Opt for a baseball bat, basketball, tennis racket or any other image which represents the sport if you cannot include an animal with the name.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways that you can add action to your sports logo using graphic elements. You can find a lot of ideas to represent the sports team and spread awareness with an engaging color contrast or imagery. When choosing the elements, make sure that they can be scaled as the logo will be featured on the website and social media accounts as well. It is also important to get a professional website designed so that people can easily find more information about your sports organization.

Here are a few great sports logos that could inspire your next design

Sports Logo 10
Image Source: Zillion Designs

Sports Logo 11
Image Source: Zillion Designs

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Sports Logo 12
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Sports Logo 13
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Sports Logo 14
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Sports Logo 15
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Sports Logo 16
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