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Cardinal bird with teeth in football team logo
player catching the football in logo for Football Analytics Website
shield icon in Football and cheerleading banquet logo
Football/Soccer Logo for Sports Apparel Company

Football Logos That Inspire Team Spirit

The font here should also be versatile and bold enough to be easily read on all merchandise as well as on web pages.

Football logos have to send across the brand message of team spirit and loyalty. To this end, you may want to use a symbol of your football team mascot or something that represents your hometown.

The colors should also be strong, bold ones like red, purple, gold, etc. They colors may also be according to the symbols that you feel would represent your team spirit the most. The tagline could be the team's motto or something related to it, like a motivating quote. A font like Bremen BD BT might be a good fit here.

If you're going for a more generic logo, such as one for a football club or training institute, the main symbol should be something to do with the game itself. This could be a football, a helmet, or a net. No matter what you choose, the design style should remind one of the game so that you don't lose potentials customers or members.

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