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Dance School Logos: Why Use Vintage Style Fonts

With the mention of retro and vintage, the first thing that comes to mind is pop culture's love affair. Though retro is just one form of dance, it has captivated the minds of thousands. The implications of retro style are visible in music, clothes and accessories, and even in indoor decor. Even the designers can't escape the effects of retro culture . When this enduring phenomenon grew bigger, it has become worthwhile for designers to learn how to incorporate vintage and retro elements into digital designs such as in brand identity designs. Soon enough, dance schools and studios have started to use retro brand logos for developing their brand identities. Or sometimes vintage fonts have been used to show vintage inspiration. Nonetheless, retro has been growing, and it's growing strong. With a vintage dance school logo, you can also jump onto the pop style bandwagon. Besides that, a vintage emblem is instantly recognizable and represents your brand statement.

Though there are other elements that are integral for crafting a logo, the type of font selected will help you create a balance. From fonts, typography, contrasting shades to the graphics of the design, you will witness how an idea for vintage design can become a big seller and how it can make your dance school brand a household name. Take a look at the list of fonts used in making vintage logos.

Finding the right vintage font

The type of font can make or break your logo design whether you are working on a digital or print design. For a dance school or studio, the selection becomes a tricky decision because you are looking for a perfect match in vintage designs. When you wish to add the retro effect, you have to avoid the sleek, modern fonts like Helvetica or Century Gothic. Moreover, the choice of Baskerville and Times New Roman is also not feasible because it is too traditional to have retro aesthetic appeal. However, stylish doesn't mean too complicated or illegible. Also, a complicated design cannot send out the desired vibe to dancers. So how to find that vintage font that will gel in with your dance school logo design?


This is a special retro style font that produces rough textures and grunge patterns in the text. Morris Fuller Benton has created this font back in 1928 by applying a little geometry to the modern letterform in order to customize a unique font style. Since then, logo designers have actively chosen this font in making various logos, but the best application of this font is for making a dance school logo.


A bold typography for dance school logo is very appealing. Usually a mix of cursive-type fonts with clear ones complements the design and for that matchbook font type is the first choice. Choose a logo symbol and add variations of this font to get a vintage effect. It is common knowledge that nostalgia sells whether it is design, music or any other creative art form of the last century. Since dance has a rich history, it is only suitable to use elements from the golden era to showcase your brand. So personalize matchbook font to check its variations with the design and then select the best fit for your brand.

Hill House

It is yet another popular typeface that can be customized in a perfect way to tie-in with your design. Since you don't want to look too messy, Hill House typeface will suit you just fine. Use a sepia tone with the dance school logo if the color scheme lends itself well to the cause. View the font in different color variations and add details to make it eye-catching.


A stylish logo with a vintage look calls for bold graphics, vibrant use of color palette and the use of vintage font. Shelley is the choice if you want to have retro and elegance all in one logo design. Search for vintage logos with this font from the eras of your choice and think about the variations you can add to it. It might interest you to know that some vintage signboards have used a similar font, and if you show their images, it can help your designer see more possibilities in designing the perfect dance school logo for you.

Finalize retro design in 6 steps

The choice of an ideal vintage/retro font is incomplete if other steps of the design have not been considered. Leverage common sense and gather knowledge about dance schools and studios to understand your brand idea and other aspects around it. Start by making a rough outline for design concepts. This is how some logotypes get hung up, so follow these steps:

  • Create an outline with abstract ideas in your mind
  • Conduct selective research within your niche for popular and successful logos
  • Use the concepts for drafting detailed sketches
  • Take some time to reflect
  • Make necessary amends, revise and polish
  • Get a few authentic feedbacks and then finalize

All the above mentioned ideas to add retro style to logos have helped designers create corporate symbols that stand out from conventional designs. The most pronounced aspect of retro font trends happens to be the bold yet delicate balance that allows your vintage vision to come to life.

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