App Design Predictions for 2016 That Will Make Iron Man Jealous

By Michael Baker , Nov 19 2015

Mobile app designs have evolved quite a lot over the years. From the ongoing improvements in user interface to making use of the best technologies, mobile apps are quickly moving towards augmented reality through dynamic and interactive user experience designs.

2016 will bring in a new wave of design innovations for mobile app platforms. Various major user interface changes and adaptation of cloud based technology will take the prevalent standards of mobile app design to another level.

Innovative design changes are expected to include a large scale adaptation of flat mobile design and an overwhelming developer acceptance of newer variations of material design.

With regards to making way for new technology, mobile app designers will favor development for cloud based apps and will make the most of better and meaningful typography.

A major change expected this year in this field will be the adoption of wearable technologies. Apps will not only become more integrated with wearables, but these devices will probably evolve from their current forms from an optional accessory to an absolute necessity. This change will be driven mainly by the increase in usage of newer technologies like augmented reality.

Micro interactions have been an important part of mobile app designs in the recent years. They include simple graphical notifications to complex visual feedback. It is expected that the next year, micro interactions will influence the mobile app industry by taking it to newer dimension. They will not only be more customizable, but will have the ability to change depending on user preferences and location.

Layered and card app design will also see greater support from the app development community. As these designs quickly gain popularity among designers, we forecast that users will see more of layered and card based designs in the coming year.

Emphasis on app security will increase as developers will feel the pressure for adherence to stringent requirements for app security standards. Thus, app security is expected to become a key driver for app sales next year which may include data security as well as device access security.

In spite of all the changes expected for app designs in 2016, the spirit of innovation and the drive that makes an app come to life will never see its departure. We can confidently conclude that 2016 will witness user friendly app designs with rooms to improve even more in the years to come.

Check out the infographic below for a visual feast of the most important app design changes expected in 2016.

App Design Predictions for 2016 That Will Make Iron Man Jealous

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