Graphic Design Hashtags To Up Your Personal Branding Game

By Aamina Suleman , Jun 7 2018

It was never only about graphic designing. It has always been simultaneously about marketing oneself through various personal branding techniques. At one time, a business card design was enough but in this digital epoch you have to be online: informing and engaging a like-minded community not just with your designs but with hashtags.

What Are Hashtags?

The cross-hatched symbol has yet again become the most used way to communicate not ‘numbers’ this time but a whole lot more! According to Boot Camp Digital, this is what a hashtag is:

  • A hashtag signifies the theme of your content.
  • It is a pound sign attached to a word or phrase.
  • It’s used to tag or group content of common topic.
  • Hashtag becomes a hyperlink, and helps in search.

It’s also a way to connect with people talking about or looking through the same subject matter. A hash sign, when used on social media platforms, signifies a thought or expression. At a point in time, hashtags were generally popular on the micro-blogging platform Twitter but soon it spread all over the web on websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Why Use Hashtags?

Not a million dollar question, but an important one indeed. Many businesses, brands and influencers are using hashtags not entirely to promote themselves but to entertain and engage their target audience.

As a graphic designer, you’re supposed to learn essential design skills but you also need to educate yourself on how to communicate with others, get them to like your work, share your designs and perhaps also become your clients (not necessarily though).

So why should graphic designers use hashtags:

  • Build self-image
  • Share resources
  • Show portfolio
  • Post tutorials
  • Join chats
  • Track updates
  • Form networks
  • Follow influencers
  • Watch peers
  • Strengthen authority

Technically all the tips above will help you create a personal brand. Remember to respond to mentions and replies otherwise people will think you’re either arrogant or your social media is powered by bots.

Graphic Design Hashtags Infographic

Look at the infographic below to note down the graphic design hashtags that’ll help you boost your social media marketing, and then I’ve shared quick tips on how to use them for personal branding.

Graphic Design Hashtags

How to Use Hashtags for Personal Branding?

The rule of thumb is not to fill your social media post with a bunch of hashtags. Instead do the following.

Step 1: Select the hashtag/s that best represent your niche

Step 2: Don’t use more than two hashtags for one post

Step 3: Keep a track of the hashtags you’ve picked

Step 4: Maintain consistency for the hashtags you’ve used

Social media manager and entrepreneur, Aaron Lee suggests that it helps to retweet your own content if shared by someone else. He calls it “a great way to build relationships & get noticed!” I wouldn’t disagree, but you should also re-share posts and updates from others such as designers and design brands so that your feed isn’t all about you.

So which hashtag suits you best?

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