Novel Coronavirus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19

By Michael Baker , Mar 17 2020

Coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide and the number of cases are increasing by the day. Although this type of Coronavirus that has been named COVID-19 is less deadly than SARS and MERS, people have to precautionary measures before it becomes more devastating than we can handle.

At ZillionDesigns, we feel it is our social responsibility to make our community aware of the scenario and garner as many useful advice to stay safe from this wide-spread virus.

Coronavirus existed in other forms before as well and this time researchers suggest that the virus is found in bats who carry a similar virus. While many people have had suspicions about the origins of the novel Coronavirus, it is still ambiguous as to how this one unseen virus has taken over the world.

The city in China, Wuhan, where it all started is under a lockdown and if you explore the photographs online, it is an eerie scene.

Throughout the world, places that have the potential to hold a large group of people are being closed down. Over 100 countries have been affected by COVID-19 and these governments have shut down educational institutes, cinema houses, wedding halls and clubs, offices and other such spaces that are more vulnerable.

President Donald Trump of the United States has also advised the citizens to “avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people, avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating and drinking in bars, restaurants, and public food courts.” He even called the virus our “invisible enemy”, which is true and scientists are trying to develop an antidote or vaccine for the virus, it is still a challenge to cure it.

Realizing the emergency of this the novel Coronavirus, we collected the most important information regarding it and presented it in an infographic form so that everyone is able to grasp the following: the cause and spread of this virus, precautions and myths. It is very important that we make sure, we understand the seriousness of this issue and act accordingly so that we protect ourselves and those around us.

Novel Coronavirus: All About COVID-19

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