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Valentine Day Designs

Clichéd Valentine’s Day Designs That Need to be Dumped

By Sarah Irgang , Feb 14 2014
Every February 14th, this guy named Val comes into town, and he’s all about spreading the love. But there’s something about him that makes a lot of people ...
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International Design Conferences

6 International Design Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

By Sarah Irgang , Feb 12 2014
A designer’s world of networking and learning isn’t limited to Facebook, Twitter, G+ Hangouts, or anywhere else online!  That’s why conferences exist: to get people out there and ...
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Jelly Be the Next Best

Could Jelly Be the Next Best Thing for Design Crowdsourcing?

By Sarah Irgang , Feb 6 2014
No, we’re not talking about the kind you smear on bread.  Jelly, an app released by Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, can be best described as the lovechild of ...
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Indian Designers

5 Mind-Blowing Typography Experiments by Indian Designers

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 30 2014
Designers have so much potential to get creative with typography, but not many go that one step beyond.  When designers do try something a little different with typography, ...
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Designer Portfolios

Top 25 Designer Portfolios to Follow in 2014

By Janil Jean , Jan 24 2014
Appreciation and admiration can bring a drastic change in a person’s life. If you get appreciated for your work every now and then you will undoubtedly thrive towards ...
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5 Illustrators and Designers from the Philippines Who Will Blow 2014 Away

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 23 2014
Know any amazing illustrators or designers from the Philippines? These illustrators are using illustrator tools to create artwork that showcases their talent as graphic designer and we want ...
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