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Graphic Designers

12 Graphic Designer Woes Expressed With GIFs

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 21 2014
Let's face it: there are a LOT of moments in the graphic design industry that make designers facepalm! There are moments that seem to last forever; like clients who ...
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Hotel Logo in Mexico

What Makes a Five-Star Hotel Logo Different From a One-Star Hotel Logo in Mexico?

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 16 2014
Logos in the hotel industry are held up to high standards. The most well-known chain logos tend to use ornate graphics and classy text in order to present ...
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Highly Successful Designers

7 Habits of Highly Successful Designers

By Janil Jean , Jan 15 2014
Are you ready to kick start the New Year by letting go of all the lame excuses of why you can’t succeed in the highly competitive graphic design ...
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Contest Winner

Congratulations to Our Dubai 2020 Logo Unofficial Contest Winner!

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 8 2014
First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this fun and exciting contest.  There were so many spectacular designs, and choosing our favorites was no ...
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Online Tools to Create Illustration

12 Creative Online Tools to Create Illustrations and Infographics

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 3 2014
When you search for information online, what captures your attention more easily: plain text or data represented by images?  The answer reportedly favors the latter. Research shows that ...
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i heart logos

Congratulations to Our Pinterest Sweepstakes Winner!

By Sarah Irgang , Dec 31 2013
Not too long ago, we ran a Pinterest sweepstakes for free copies of all three seasons of the iheartlogos book series.  We love to run contests to showcase ...
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