Thanksgiving Quotes Graphic Designers Can Truly Relate To This Holiday

By Aamina Suleman , Nov 14 2019
thanksgiving quotes 2019

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A honey-glazed turkey, yeah but what’s more for you this Thanksgiving? I’ve got close to your heart and prepared thankful messages for all the graphic designers out there. After all, this is a time of understanding, acknowledgment, and gratefulness.

Despite the problems designers face, there are many things to appreciate and give thanks to. While November is a good month to show gratitude, this feeling should be there all year round. Even if times are difficult, look at the bright side. You’ve been blessed with unique set of skills and easy-to-use tools that make it possible for you to execute your ideas.

Give Your Thanks To All The Wonderful Things

Say “I am grateful to my Lord that the ONLY activity in my life is creativity.” You’re lucky you are inventive and that is what drives you each day to work. There are many who take hours to think of one good idea, yet you can come up with creative ideas one after the other without teasing your mind much. This is a power, you know. Realize it and be thankful you have it. And while you do, keep reminding yourself of the Peter Parker Principle “With great power comes great responsibility” – don’t misuse it, instead use your imagination to solve problems and bring about a positive change. You know what Maya Angelou said? “You can’t use creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” So don’t be afraid of sharing your original because the glass will keep filling up automatically.

Share What You Have With The World

While you’re thankful for your creativity, make sure to share your love of colors because no one likes living a black and white life. As a graphic designer, you have the extraordinary eye to look at colors differently than a lay man. Use this innate quality to make the world colorful. Well, the black and white era had its charm but colors are so much better. They brighten up the design and without much said, they convey a bundle of emotions. When hues are at play, you don’t need much to explain your point. Well, as designers, you all have the ability to use this element of design smartly and so you should, and make sure that you don’t keep it to yourself. Create your portfolio or work on projects that allow you to share your sound knowledge on colors with your community.

Without further ado, let us explore Thanksgiving quotes for graphic designers I crafted especially for you! Pick the one that best suits your current position or state of mind, or say them all if they resonate with you. Just make sure you thank truly with your heart, as only then does it sound meaningful.

1. “I am deeply thankful I don’t have to ‘write’ a novel to say what I want – a symbol is enough.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 1

2. “Thanks to the mighty Pantone System for saving our colorless ass”.

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 2

3. “Oh Creators of Design, thank you for the grid system that helps me align my disoriented lives.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 3

4. “Thank you Lord for an aesthetic sense, otherwise I would be lost in the world of dysfunctional pies”.

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 4

5. “This Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank the ONE client who said YES to my design in the first go!”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 5

6. “Thank you my beloved Photoshop – because of you, I can turn a Damsel in Distress to a Diva.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 6

7. “I am grateful to Illustrator for letting me show that turkey two times larger than its actual size.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 7

8. “Without a perfect golden ratio pie, all Thanksgiving dinners are incomplete for me.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 8

9. “Oh Lord, how can I thank you enough for kerning a project close to me.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 9

10. “Thankfully I have anchor points that help me make the right adjustments in my life.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 10

11. “Almighty Design Thinkers, thank you for not leaving all the thinking to us.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 11

12. “Bless me with Georgia than Arial, for I’ll be truly grateful for this favor.”

Thanksgiving Quote For Graphic Designers 12

Just before I hit off, we need to understand that much of what we can do today is because of the design software – so don’t miss them out and say with me, “On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence on design software.” That’s the way to do it.

Well, that’s it I hope. If there is more to thank, share them with me pretty please.

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