Brand Logo Colors With Emotional Messages

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Sep 23 2016
brand logo colors

Without any doubt, a successful brand logo is the union of shapes, colors and symbols. It is actually the brand colors that evoke the emotional message. The leading brands are identified by their specific hues such that people have created an association with the top brands primary colors. Now exercise your mind and think about coke red, DD pink and blue, John Deere green and yellow, and Walmart blue and yellow. Now all these colors are not just brand identifiers, but also reinforces the brand image across multiple levels of communication. For instance, the packaging used by the brand, its signage’s, posters and point of purchase displays use the same colors to create a total brand experience.

When the audiences are exposed to these messages multiple times, they become familiarized with the brand identity. When the audience finally turns into consumers, they need that brand experience whenever they shop. Without realizing, we are sub-consciously getting connected to a brand through colors as its visual cues. Check out some facts about colors and their associations.

  • Blue is the most common “favorite color” amongst both men and women.
  • Green elicits feelings of youth, happiness, warmth, intellect, and energy.
  • 30% of people associate orange with cheap or inferior products
  • Males tend to gravitate towards brighter colors, while women gravitate to softer tones.
  • 20% of women named brown as their least favorite color

Do you feel the same way? Take the quiz to explore your top of the mind associations with colors.

Now that you know your attachment to colors, here’s another exercise to test your color associations with respect to brands. Check out the box showing different shades of blue. Can you identify the brands that represent these colors? Note that blue is the most lovable color and you will be surprised to see how many shades have already been used. Try aligning the colors with their respective brands and share your comments.

Check out how these top brands picked the most suitable colors with the right emotional message from the color spectrum and created a brand identity with it.

Brand Logo Colors with Emotional

Not every color is suitable for any type of business. Besides matching the brand attributes, it also needs to convey the business message with colors such that they can appear differentiated from the competitors. Do you wish to know more about colors and branding?

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