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Boat Wrap Design for Blue Gas Marine, Inc.

Powered by Natural Gas

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Project: Boat Wrap Design for Blue Gas Mar ...
Industry: Shipping Logo
Contest Launched: Sep 26, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 18 concepts
Winning Design by: Scarl8
Close Date: Oct 01, 2014

Boat Wrap Design for Blue Gas Marine, Inc. - Shipping

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Creative Brief

Boat Wrap Design for Blue Gas Marine, Inc.

Powered by Natural Gas

Design a boat wrap for a 32 ft yacht. Detailed drawing of boat measurements provided. Need two sides, and transom design so three total areas to cover.


Boat for display at boat shows and on the water.

Logo of two companies must be included Blue Gas Marine, Inc and Intrepid Powerboats Words--powered by natural gas-- must be included must be included Want to use colors from Blue Gas Marine, Inc logo in a gradient background, colors green moving to bluer from bottom to top. Background needs to have texture and depth not just single color dimension. The area of where the Blue Gas Marine, Inc logo is should be faded to white so the logo pops on the background. Large words Powered by Natural Gas styled along the hull. The words Powered by need to pop. Large Blue Gas Marine, Inc logo symbol and name front part of the hull bow area Intrepid Logo back end of the boat Website located also in the back of the boat The other side will have the same graphics just the wording will need to turn directions to read from bow to stern instead of stern to bow. Transoms area is not big but the message is: $ave with Natural Gas We want the $ over a globe somehow if possible and the words. Also our logo and website again.

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