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moving company logo design ideas


Over 43 million Americans relocate each year which forms one third of the population in the US. This increase in moving is largely due to the desire Americans have for cheaper homes, a job transfer, getting married or other family reasons. Texas, Kentucky, Vermont and Alaska are among the top states. On an average, over 80% prefer moving within their respective states.

The moving business' revenue is mostly generated due to the demands of moving, residential turnovers, sales, among other segments in the market. What a business needs to do is successfully specialize in local markets. This is particularly advantageous to small-scale businesses as they can offer competitive pricing.

Projecting Your Identity

To a great extent, how you market your brand identity aka logo can win you large chunks of the audience. There's no such thing as a good or bad logo. What you need to do though is find that sweet spot, which strikes your audiences with just the right impact. Looking at other moving businesses you'll likely come across a plethora of logo designs; ranging from a fairly basic drawing of probably a truck with a man or men in it, to a simple logo with no frills fonts.

Positioning your brand in the market is important. A logo of two everyday men and a truck will resonate well with families who are looking to move in a safe and convenient way. However, the same logo might drive away upscale offices and businessmen working in major industries.

It is noteworthy to observe how certain movers establish a brand identity in one market, and eventually, find a position to transcend other markets as well. All it takes is a logo that is universally identifiable.

Identifying Your Audience

So the question remains: what's your target market? What are their preferences? Maybe you can get ideas from certain items that are geared specifically towards that market. Say, your business vision is to be a small family run operation, building an elaborate brand may not be top priority. In that case, a clean and simple monogram design might be all you need.

On the other hand, if it's a moving franchise you want to get in the limelight, you're going to put careful thought into the logo design process , which includes branding of your materials . Visualize how you want to stand out from the competition. Customers should be quick to point to your logo, when a need or desire for moving arises. Hiring a seasoned logo designer might just be what the doctor ordered.

Bear in mind when you're seeking a skilled designer, you'd want to review his/her portfolio . Ask to see the latest examples first. Since the designer is most likely going to produce a design that's similar to the rest of his design and work style. Finding versatile designer can be quite the task, since they don't mind crossing styles. As a reference, if previous works of the designer do not fall in line with your market, then you may want to hire another one. At best, you can attempt it yourself. However, the expertise of a logo designer really helps you put things in perspective.

Understanding the Deliverables

Among common approaches to moving logo designs are full colors on white, grayscale on white, or color on black. This is the easiest way to bring out the logo. Sticking to a 2 or 4-pantone color design is ideal as it can save you printing costs. Half tones can be conveniently utilized to create more color tones.

Once a logo design has been finished, you should get a Vector graphic file of the design . This really comes in handy. These files can let you use the logo on postage stamps or even your moving trucks, without any adverse quality variation. Typical formats include svg, ai and certain PDF formats, just so you know. Ask for 2 file sets; one that contains text as outline, and the other one should have text as fonts. It'll make your life easier when printing them out.

You should also request a copy that contains fonts in the logo design. The need to rework the text style may arise. And when it does, you can do so conveniently.

arrow icon design for moving company
arrow in box icon for moving company logo
admiral with telescope logo for moving company
swoosh in circle moving company logo

Post Design Essentials

Once the logo is finished, store it away safely. Burn multiple CDs and email it to yourself, just in case. It's always good to plan ahead, so you might want to tuck it away in other places as well. You never know when an uncalled for calamity strikes. Even otherwise, there's no harm in doing so. These files can certainly come in very handy should you require any rebranding or minor modifications to your mover logo design. Your designer is definitely going to ask for them. Redoing a logo can be practically as costly as creating it.

Having said that, whether you want to go for a pre-designed moving company logo or a customized one, make it unique, project your business specialty and stand out from the crowd. Still if you are not confident of being able to accomplish this, rely on a professional designer to do it for you.

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