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Cars, with their beautiful mechanical souls underneath, are an object many cherish around the world. Owners come to identify with and relate to traits such as the design and styling, distinct engine and exhaust notes, the sheer number of features or quite simply the prestige in the name and logo.

Car logos, particularly the way car enthusiasts see them, can say a lot about the history and inspiration that has gone into its making. Whether the logo is on a magazine, billboard , or on the car itself, car lovers are quick to judge whether it's a supercar manufacturer such as the maker of a Ferrari or a luxury car maker who develops BMWs and Mercedes. This is why quite a few of the older car manufacturers, some of them dating back to nearly a century, work so hard on their logos. So the logo has to have a life of its own because customers take pride and joy in owning these cars.

Looking at logos, you may have wondered what they mean, or what the initials stand for. Ever been curious about the Ferrari logo, what the dancing horse means? Let's take apart some of the most celebrated car manufacturer logos and see how subliminal messages have been integrated within them.

Performance and Luxury Complimented by Simplicity and Elegance

BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke, a company that started out in Germany, and is without a doubt one of the most celebrated and recognized car and bike manufacturers in the world. The interesting thing is BMW had nothing to do with cars when it was first conceived. In fact, they were an engine manufacturer for WW1 planes, and were considered to be the leading company that built engines for military aircrafts at the time.

Using color psychology the BMW logo pays tribute to just that: the blue and white are meant to show a spinning propeller of a WW1 plane against blue skies, the manufacturer's way of remembering where they are coming from. To finish things off nicely, the blue and white quadrants are outlined by a prominent black circle. The emblem exudes sophistication and elegance, something BMW automobiles are recognized for worldwide.

BMW logo PNG

Of Muscle, Might and Beauty

Corvette is Chevrolet's performance division that builds modern day road-going muscle and supercars. The chequered flag represents performance and Corvette's dedication to building cars. The bow tie emblem to its right is the Chevrolet logo, where Corvette comes from. Right next to it is a "fluer-de-lis", an insignia which looks like a maple leaf. Chevrolet is in fact, a French word and the automobile manufacturer found it quite fitting to include the fleur-de-lis as it is a symbol of peace and purity. Corvette's thoroughbred supercars are a testament that the cars are purely built for performance and style, as well as offering a blissful driving experience.

Chevrolet logo PNG

The Italian Stallion

Ferrari was originally founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, who was also involved in motor sports at the time, with his own team. The "S F" in the logo stands for Scuderia Ferrari, responsible for building race cars and sponsoring pro race drivers, even to this day.

The Ferrari logo came into existence as a result of an inspiration from a certain Italian WW1 fighter ace, Count Francesco Baracca, who had several planes which had these painted symbols on either side. Coincidentally, Baracca brought many victories to the nation and came to be known as a national hero.

In 1940, Ferrari decided to print this black horse on their cars to show grief for the Barracca's fleet, when he was killed in action. The canary yellow in the background represents his birthplace, which is - Modena, Italy, and the three stripes on top of course are the Italian national colors.

ferrari logo PNG

British Wings and Glory

When the name Aston Martin comes to mind, you probably end up thinking about Agent 007, James Bond. The reason for this is because the AM automobiles have been marketed cleverly throughout the Bond movies, dating back to nearly 4 decades. The designers, Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin have always had a vision for making fast and slick cars, with a sophisticated look. It's fair to say that the AM is among the leading choices for people who want a sophisticated look but one that leaves most everyday cars choking on its tailpipes.

The logo originally only had the initials A and M on it but in 1932, the twin wings also saw the removal of the initials and spelled out Aston Martin instead. The wings were borrowed from Bentley, and represent speed and performance with a luxurious twist.

Aston Martin Logo PNG

Links of Strength and Security

Audi is without a doubt, among the most respected, successful and easily recognizable automotive manufacturers today. The simplicity of the four rings linked together is the result of a merger that took place between four founding companies: Horch, DKW, Audi and Wanderer. Even though they primarily function as one car company, each sub-company focuses on a particular car class, style and performance spec.

The circular links represent security and strength of the merger which is powerful even today. The rings are silver because Audi wanted their cars to be widely known for their light body weight and chassis design as well as power, elegance and panache.

audi logo design PNG

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