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Business Package for Charitable Company

Giving Sherpa

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Project: Business Package for Charitable C ...
Industry: Fund Raising Logo
Contest Launched: Aug 17, 2014
Selected: 2 winning design from 412 concepts
Winning Design by: Achiver
Close Date: Sep 03, 2014

Business Package for Charitable Company - Fund Raising

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Creative Brief

Business Package for Charitable Company

Giving Sherpa

I need double sided standard sized Business Card [3.5" x 2"]

Use same font as used in my logo



John Smith


10000 SW Anywhere Street Suite B Portland, OR 97225



Will need to get final project files in both AI and word Formatting should include sheet of cards(on 8x11) so can go to printer Letterhead email address needs to be Front of Business Card needs to have main company logo. See attached. Also on Envelop no phone numbers or email Folder put place holder for a brief description of who we are on the back side of the folder. Inside location on right hand side provide area for card. Front cover include web address and email only no address phone number etc. Power Point Template that has title page, bullet page and conclusion page. To be clear we need the final deliverables: FRONT AND BACK BUSINESS CARD SIZE 10 ENVELOPE AND LETTER HEAD POWER POINT PRESENTATION TEMPLATE FOLDER DESIGN WITH FLAPS FOR HOLDING PROPOSAL PAPERWORK I have uploaded from a previous project the items that I need for this project to give you a idea of what I am looking for.

Please incorporate the full tagline information: Give Simply Change Lives Connect Communities Want options with all Black background and white and don't include logo image (ie circle) use the file I uploaded that shows sherpa standing in as the first "I" in GIVING in the back of the card until we can take a look at things.

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  • August 18, 2014 1:39 PM
    markpdx markpdx
      Project Holder
    Designers, Please make sure that you use my upload for example only and provide your own creative layout and design I don't need it be the same. Thanks

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  • August 17, 2014 8:28 PM
    markpdx markpdx
      Project Holder
    FONTS AND COLORS FOR LOGO ARE: Font: PerpetuaTiltingMTBold GillSansMT Color: Brown: Pantone 4485 Orange: Pantone 180 Light Orange: Pantone 718 Yellow: Pantone 116

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