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Faith Reformed Church Logo

Faith Reformed

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Project: Faith Reformed Church Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 27, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 116 concepts
Winning Design by: pisca
Close Date: Feb 02, 2014

Faith Reformed Church Logo - Religion and Spirituality

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Creative Brief

Faith Reformed Church Logo

Faith Reformed

Boldly Living God's Word


This is a logo for a small town, traditional church in Wisconsin. We are looking to make a more progressive expression of our ministry, and desire a more progressive image to match.

A summary phrase that captures our understanding of our mission is:
"Knowing God and making Him known."
This statement reflects both the inward and outward flow of our faith.

Two high values for us are to:
1) be Christ-centered, and
2) have all of life and ministry rooted in God's Word (the Bible).

Religion and Spirituality

Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark


Our interior sanctuary color (carpet, pew cushions) is red. This is functional for most printing purposes. However, experience has shown us that red can be limiting when incorporating the logo/mark in other graphic designs, such as on a website. We are currently designing a new website with blue and grey backgrounds. For use in other graphic designs, it would be helpful if the logo/mark could be a single color so we could use different colors for different contexts.

not sure

Here are our design requests:
1) We want a logo that incorporates a mark, our church name (Faith Reformed), and our tag line (Boldly Living God's Word).
2) If the design would benefit from it, our full name could be used: Faith Reformed Church.
3) We want to be able to use the mark standing alone, separate from the church name.
4) We would like to be able to use the logo with and without the tag line.
5) One option is to design a logo around our pulpit design. (This is not an expectation or requirement. We do not want to be limited to this design idea.) A photo of the pulpit will be uploaded to our project. The pulpit design includes imagery of the Bible and cross, with an upward design flow.
6) We do NOT want an outdated Bible design logo.
7) We do want a logo with simple, clean, flowing lines.
8) Our church building, inside and out, has a distinctive 1960's architectural design. Photos will be uploaded to our project. This distinctive design may influence the logo design.
9) The logo should be suitable for color, or black and white, printing.
10) We would like to have the ability to convert the mark to different colors for various purposes.
11) We plan to use the mark and/or logo for multiple print, media, and web purposes.

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