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Logo for software development company

The company name is "codechex", could also be written as "CodeChex" or maybe "CODECHEX".

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Project: Logo for software development com ...
Industry: Software Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 01, 2014
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Close Date: Jan 25, 2014

Logo for software development company - Software

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Creative Brief

Logo for software development company

The company name is "codechex", could also be written as "CodeChex" or maybe "CODECHEX".



Generally, the company provides tools and resources for software developers (programmers) and software companies and offers custom development services. More specifically, we provide tools for developers to do things like enforce coding standards (code checks for syntax/formatting), scan for code vulnerabilities (code checks for hidden bugs), set up code repositories (code check-ins), etc.


Logo Type
Logo Type

Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark

Web 2.0
Web 2.0

High Tech

I'm open to any color suggestions but since a high percentage of our target market is likely male, I'd rather stay away from bubble-gum pinks or like "feminine" (whatever that means) colors. In the same vein, I'm not a fan of dark forest green or deep navy blue or other such traditional colors. Try for something more contemporary. I prefer a more "metro" style without 3D or bevel effects. The logo needs to be able to display acceptably on either a light (#FFFFFF) or dark (#2C2C2C) background. The logo should still "make sense" if flattened to monochrome (either white or black).

not sure

I'm looking for "clean", "professional", and "modern". I do not want swoops or globes or any other worn out clip-arty looking stuff. I've already spent considerable time looking at various stock art sites for generic icons but didn't come up with anything I liked. That doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't incorporate some kind of graphic but it should be germane to the company, not generic. This site ( had several really good examples of using more specific graphics creatively with text.

The font used could be something that might pose happily as code (not necessarily and especially not Courier, however) but try to stay away from scripts or handwriting fonts -- again, modern. The company name and type of business lends itself well to using programming symbols somehow in the logo such as curly or square brackets ( { } [ ] ) or maybe a period (.). You could also try playing off the "chex" (checks) by using integrated check mark(s) somehow.

The logo needs to scale reasonably. That doesn't mean I expect it to be readable at 16x16 pixels but I should be able to put a larger version (100-300px) at the top of a web page and a smaller version on social media sites (or for a mobile version) without a problem. If the logo includes some kind of a graphic, it would be nice if it were roughly squarish rather than an elongated rectangular because rectangles don't scale down to square boxes very well without leaving a lot of white space at the top and bottom.

I've played around a fair bit in Photoshop and Illustrator but my forte is definitely on the practical programming side not the artistic creative side so I'm anxious to see what ideas you come up with.

I'd prefer to have final deliverables available in AI and PSD formats that are compatible with Illustrator/Photoshop CS3 which is the version I use.

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