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Referral Pad for XCEL Physical Therapy

Introducing our new NeuracTreatment method using REDCORD equipment

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Project: Referral Pad for XCEL Physical Th ...
Industry: Medical Logo
Contest Launched: Jun 02, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 34 concepts
Winning Design by: pattoh
Close Date: Jul 08, 2014

Referral Pad for XCEL Physical Therapy - Medical

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Referral Pad for XCEL Physical Therapy

Introducing our new NeuracTreatment method using REDCORD equipment

Hello Designers, This is what I will give to the physicians so they can refer patients to my office. Often, I don't get to meet or speak to the doctor so this pad is the only communication I have with them....I need it to speak to their emotional side and it should say, this clinic spends time with their patients, they've got something to offer my patients that other clinics don't (we do) it is a professional, clean environment (it is), most of all, if I send my patients to XCEL PT I know they'll get the results I am looking for and my patient will be happy because they feel better and the quality of their life has improved.


Restore Health in all ages (mostly 12-85) Active Lifestyle for all. Bridging the gap between injury-fitness-competition. Introducing our new treatment from Norway called, "Neurac" Neuromuscular Activation using REDCORD equipment. XCEL PT is the first and only practice in Northern California to offer this clinically proven treatment method for acute and chronic pain. I would like the front page to focus on the introduction of our NEURAC-REDCORD program

1) See uploaded documents for details. They will be posted within the hour of launching this project. 2) The referral pad needs to stay 5x7; it can deviate a few millimeters but I don't want it much larger than it already is 3) Historically I have always had the bright red border & this helps differentiate my pad from other clinics when stacked in the doctors exam file drawer so I would prefer it but it is not mandatory (bright red) 4) 2 sided 5) On the front, our logo (XCEL) large & easy to read phone number, address, fax, email and web address along with the patient name, diagnosis, Date of Injury/Surgery or it can be abbreviated by DOI/DOS: Precautions: There will be several photos to choose from and I will tell you which ones have to be included. As stated above, I would like to have our Neurac trained Physical Therapists using-REDCORD as the focus of the front page.

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  • June 07, 2014 4:02 PM
    thept2c thept2c
      Project Holder
    The Redcord brochure with people wearing white was for reference to LOOK at; not copy....that photo belongs to redcord and is not to be used. There are specific requirements that have been outlined that need to be on the front page; I am not going to repeat myself anymore. It is in the brief.

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  • June 03, 2014 3:48 AM
    thept2c thept2c
      Project Holder
    There has not been a "winner" awarded; this is an error. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR DESIGNS

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  • June 02, 2014 9:48 PM
    thept2c thept2c
      Project Holder
    This project has been launched as of today. Please see detailed instructions. There will be 2 more photos uploaded tomorrow. Thank you thept2c

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