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medical service logo design ideas


Due to the highly specialized and increasing number of medical service companies starting everyday in the healthcare industry, medical service companies are now forced to focus on marketing and branding activities more often. To stay financially afloat, they need to adopt aggressive marketing strategies. Just like any other business, the marketing efforts made by medical organizations should be organized and well-managed, carried out with the aim of brand development and enhancement. For sustainability and growth of a medical service company, these marketing efforts are of utmost importance.

Among the many elements that can be used for effective medical marketing, logo is often the most neglected yet highly important one. A well-designed logo acts as the basic identity of your service brand, making your company easily recognizable and memorable for your patients or other clients. With a strong message and professional appeal, it can very well capture the attention of your audience, establishing your brand image in their mind. A logo that is unique and memorable will then enable patients, both current and prospective, to connect and recall your brand in times of need.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, a logo is not just a random image representing your business. It is designed to give out a clear message to the target audience using a clever combination of image, fonts, colors, words and other elements. This makes logo designing a complex task to achieve. Detailed knowledge of the business and target audience is required before designing can be initiated. Company objectives, the products and services offered and any competitive advantage that a company has should be indicated in a design brief before logo designing process starts.

Most importantly, the company should have an idea of what it wants the logo to be like. A review of competitor's logos can give an idea of what kind of elements are customary to the medical service industry. Next, a graphic designer who is specialized in creating medical logos should be contacted. With a solid knowledge of medical marketing, such graphics designers can create more industry-specific identity designs, making them highly effective. On every marketing collateral that your company will produce, the logo would always be there so getting a mediocre logo created at a cheap price is not advisable.

Work with the graphics designer continuously to improve your identity design until it is best-suited to your medical practice. Here are some effective medical service logos that can give you an idea of how one should be designed:

Pignataro Family Dentistry a good example of how a simple image can be used to best describe what services are being offered by the company. Even when it is not clearly specified in the logo anywhere, it is clear from the symbol chosen that the logo belongs to a dental service company.

tooth logo for dental practice

The Rite Quality Pharmacy logo also clearly represents the product offered by the company in a simple but unique and distinctive way. The logo also uses complementary colors to represent care, warmth and professionalism.

pestle and mortar logo for retail pharmacy

If you ever need a good example of powerful images in a logo, the Instituto Do Pulmao has it. Even if you don't understand the language, the image is clear enough to tell this logo belongs to a lung disease-related medical company. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Representing a cardiology service practice, the Arlington Heart brand design is another good example of strong imagery that tell about your business. The logo also uses two of the most commonly used colors for medical logos, blue and red, representing professionalism and care.

The Estelle Farrell identity design for a pain management facility is also a good example of using a simple image to convey your brand message to the patients. The simple design with fewer colors in this logo also makes it usable at different scales and with multiple color choices conveniently.

Gender specific logos are good to go when you have a limited target audience, as indicated in this Women's Healthcare logo. As an obstetrician's practice's logo, this creates a clear picture of what kind of services are being offered even if used without mentioning the brand name.

As a part of marketing activities, your logo will then become the identity of your business. Your audience would be able to relate with your service. A number of studies have repeatedly emphasized the importance of well-designed logos for brand development. It can increase your audience's ability to recall your brand in need. This goes for the medical industry as well now that the competition there is cutthroat.

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