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Designing a logo for an ultrasound company can be complicated due to the nature of the service offered. The end design should look professional but welcoming as well if you want to build a trustworthy brand image of your service. This makes it important to get a professionally designed logo from experts to act as the identity design for your brand. For that purpose, the first step is to design a detailed project brief that can be presented to the designer.

Importance of a Well-Prepared Project Brief

If the right details are not provided to the logo designers, it would be almost impossible for them to capture the true message of your service in the logo. This can turn your logo into nothing more than just an image. A proper design brief should convey as much as it can about your imaging and ultrasound company to the audience. This allows the logo designer to come up with the best image to serve as your service's identity. If details are left out of the design brief, the logo could lack details or elements essential to your business.

Creating a Project Brief - What It Should Have

If you need help creating an effective logo design brief for your company, here is a detailed review of what it should ideally have:

Company Overview

The first thing a brief should have is a complete and comprehensive description of your company and team. If you are an individual running your own medical practice, you should add your own professional history and qualifications in it. If you have a team, a brief description of the team as a whole should be provided. Company details that should be provided include the duration of company's operations and any special awards or achievements it holds. You should also specify the complete registered name of your company that is used in all your other branding activities.

Brand Perception

Your logo design brief should also specify how you perceive your service. The ideal perception for an imaging and ultrasound company should be a practice that is warm and personal but maintains professional standards perfectly. The aim of your service should also be specified as it helps in selecting the right colors and fonts, and establish a strong brand message.

Target Audience

You should also specify who your target audience is. If your services are limited to ultrasounds and imaging for pregnant women, you should specify it so that the logo could use more feminine elements. If you offer imaging services on a broader scale to a more diversified audience, your logo should ideally be more neutral and less gender specific. You should take account of your target audience based on demographics and geographical locations as well.

Existing Branding Effort

An account of your existing branding efforts also makes an essential part of the design brief. You should specify the branding color, styles and typefaces that your company has used till date. If you need a complete redesign of your brand, these factors might not be of utmost importance. However, for a company looking to enhance its existing brand image and value, these elements count for a lot.

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Requirement - Typically, companies have an idea of what they want their logo to represent and how it should look like. If there are specific images, colors or fonts you are looking to get incorporated in your design, a mention of them within the brief is essential. You should also specify if you are planning to use the logos with different color and scale combinations so a design that looks well with most color palettes can be created.

Making Changes in Brief

Once a brief is provided to a logo designer, they will create a logo to match the details as well as possible. However, if the results you get are not what you were looking for, you might consider reviewing your design brief again and making changes to it. Even when the companies make their best efforts to come up with a comprehensive brief, the need to make changes occur quite frequently.

It is advisable that you settle the issue of possible changes in the brief with the designer before you start working on the project. It takes a lot of efforts on the part of the designer to come up with a fitting logo. Changes to the brief would mean designing the logo from the scratch sometimes, which is not a favorable situation for both the designer and the company.

Often, the best way to go for an imaging and ultrasound company is to create a design contest on different websites. This allows them to get a variety of logos designed from freelancing individuals at a highly affordable price. The company can pick the logo from the entries that best fit their brand image at their own disposal.

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