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Architecture Design Company Logos

Architecture Design Company Logo Design Basics

Architect businesses have the responsibility of making homes, offices and buildings aesthetically beautiful and safe. If a similar aesthetic appeal is depicted in the brand identity, the customers and prospects will be able to connect with and relate to your brand. Entrepreneurs who have businesses like these don't only need to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, but must also know about everything which will make their brand and company shine. For this purpose, they need architecture design company logo which show everyone from their customers to contractors that they build safe, secure and artistically pleasing landmarks.

Now even though most of the things will be handled by the designer himself, you will at least need to know about the basics so you can decide whether or not the final design is worth going public. Among many other factors, you should know about the type of logo that your designer can opt for. Though you may think that a logo is just a brand symbol and they all look the same, this is not true because if you look closely, you will notice that while some have symbols, others have word mark and still others incorporate both of these to make a memorable logo. Here's a look at some of the logo design elements and types your designer may decide to use.

Abstract Architecture Logos

Many creative designers make abstract logos for architecture companies because they entice a feeling of adventure and intrigue. Though these designs have no specific form, they require a lot of hard work and focus because they must express the message that you are trying to convey as a business. The one good thing about abstract logo design is that if the person leading the architecture design company logo is creative enough, he will deliver something which is simple and elegant yet unique and distinctive. Abstract designs are great for architecture companies because they show consumers that you like thinking outside the box and that your company has the energy and vibe that they are searching for.

Symbolic Architecture Logos

Brand graphic that rely on symbols, icons or images to convey their brand message are called symbolic logos. Unlike abstract designs, these design concepts often focus on images that are related to the company and its goals in some way. For example, if you are designing an architecture logo which is symbolic in nature, then you may pick out images or vectors of buildings or houses and include these in the original design. Keep in mind that these logos aren't necessarily simple or boring but are easier to remember because everyone who views it can connect to them or understand their meaning. One tip to remember when your designer is working on this type of a logo is to ask him to design in black and white in the beginning so you are sure that it has what it needs to impress even without color.

Word Mark Architecture Logos

These types of architecture logos can be seen from great distances. Word mark architecture logos spell out your company's name. The focus of these logos is to make the viewer remember your brand name by implementing typography and colors which attract attention instantly. If your designer is working on one of these logos, he will need to consider the font that he chooses because this will either make or break the entire design.

Abstract Architecture Logos

Also bear in mind that though there are many fonts available, companies decide to create custom fonts which are unique to their business. This typography is then used throughout their marketing and advertising collateral and so the message is clear and spreads fast.

Letter Mark Architecture Logos

Letter mark logos also known as letterform logos are created with acronyms from the architect business or company name. In such logos, the initials of the company essentially become the symbol and establish a focal point for the brand name. Many architecture companies decide chose a letter mark logo because their name is too long or is hard to pronounce. Others choose this type of emblem because they know that their brand name won't be able to attract as much attention as the acronyms. Much like word mark logos, your logo designer will need to pay special attention to the typography or fonts used because these will play a big role in deciding the success of the logo.

Combination Mark Architecture Logos

One of the most common types of logos used in architect business is the combination mark. The designs with combination mark incorporate both, the image as well as the company name or acronyms. As a result, logos in this category are often very memorable because they hit the viewer not just with their name but with a unique symbol as well. However, you may have also come across some companies that sometimes use their original combination mark logos but prefer to show their symbol singularly on other platforms. The distinctive feature about these logos is that both their elements are designed in such a fashion that they look just as good separately as they do together.

Emblem Architecture Logos

Emblem architecture logos are different from combination mark logos because instead of placing the text or typography under or side-by-side with the logo, these logos place the name of your company inside the symbol itself. Thus, these two distinct elements become inseparable. These types of architecture design company logos are often also seen as official badges or seals because they resemble them. If you are using this type design, you must remember that the logo will be used as it is everywhere and that you cannot separate the typography from the image because that won't be possible.

When designing an architecture company logo, you must be careful when selecting the colors, symbols or icons and typography because these features can make or break a brand symbol. Spend ample time in choosing a professional and experienced designer because they are the only ones who can help you design a logo which is memorable, unique and spectacular.

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