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Interior Design Company Logo Design Secrets Revealed

Do you know how important your brand identity is? It is the face of your company and appears on everything from your business card to your website. The logo on your website design will reach customers, prospects as well as suppliers who will either be impressed or thoroughly irritated with what you have given them. This brand identity is the first thing that people will see about your company, which is why it is so important to make it clear.

Unfortunately, when you talk about interior design companies, you may have noticed that everyone has a corporate identity but, only a few of them stand out and make a statement. Instead, this creative industry is flooded with logo designs that don't have anything special about them and so end up being shoved to the side. If you don't want your brand identity to sink with low quality brand graphic, it is crucial that you know and understand all the secrets which make your symbol distinctive and worthy of attention. Here are a few of them which will help you get started.

Let the Logo Reflect Your Company with Complete Honesty

One of the biggest mistakes on the part of business owners is that they share the brand identity of their competitors with their designers. Though the need for a distinctive logo that reflects your company and its goals should be obvious in this day and age, there are still many leaders that haven't been able to comprehend the importance of unique designs. However, if you don't want to be one of these people, you must ask the designer you hire to create an identity which relates to your industry, your target market and your company name. Think about the following questions about your business.

  • What are your USP?
  • What are your consumers looking for?
  • Do you have an edge over your competitors?
3D orb logo for interior design company
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monogram logo for interior design company
hexagon interior design company logo

Avoid too Much Complexity

Simplicity is the key when it comes to designing great interior design company logos. As the owner of a business which is centered on creativity and artistic skills, this is something which will come naturally to you. Think about it, does a room look better if it has cluttered and mismatched furniture or when it has clean and stylish pieces that complement each other? The same goes for your logo, if your designer knows that you need clear and simple lines in your identity then he will make sure that he designs something that reflects these qualities.

Though simplicity in designs is recommended, you shouldn't make it boring and uninteresting. Instead, try out different design themes and ideas like white space and make use of these to create something truly unique not confusing and complex.

Pay Attention to the Essentials

For a corporate design to work the brand identity must look good in black and white and the emblem should be scalable for all platforms. Sometimes, clients don't know that the interior design company logo that the designer has delivered will only be influential when it is shown in color. What these business owners forget is that throughout the years, there will be plenty of instances where you will need to display them in monochromatic tones.

Moreover, some amateur designers are unaware about designing in multiple sizes. This will be disadvantageous for you because when you're investing in a brand identity, you must ensure that it is scalable so it will look good both in small as well as large sizes.

Make it Remarkable and Distinctive

The more remarkable and distinctive your brand identity, the more attention it will receive. So in simple words, unless your logo design doesn't have something different and interesting to show, it won't have any chance of excelling and standing out among hundreds of other brand. Even though most of the brand designs that you will encounter in this industry will mainly consist of the interior designer's name, there are a few that have dared to be different by bringing in something exceptional.

However, when you are using images to represent your interior design business, you must be careful to keep things as relevant as possible. This is important because if your message and icon is not understood immediately, the viewer will get bored and turn elsewhere.

Test the Market Before Releasing the Official Logo

Since your corporate identity depends on your business logo, you must know that it will be a success even before it hits the market.

One of the ways you can do this is to not trust your gut but be practical and put out a survey about the logo's effectiveness and influence. There are a number of online services which will provide you with this option and you can even get feedback from many different people by taking part in online surveys.

Taking this extra step won't only help you in putting out a logo which is truly useful, but will also tell you about what your consumers and suppliers are looking for in an interior design symbol. If you have managed to create a successful logo, it will give you the peace of mind that people understand the message hidden in the design.

ornamment frame interior design company logo
tile logo for interior designer logo
lettermark in circle logo for interior design company
lettermark in square interior design company logo

Understand Color Psychology & Typography

When your focus is brand identity and increasing awareness of your business through a logo, you must always take time out to look into color psychology that will woo your customers and typography rules. These two factors become immensely important because both of them play an important role in designing an interior design logo. For example, if you don't know that the color red denotes love, happiness, passion and adventure, and that purple is most commonly used where you wish to show sophistication and spirituality, you wouldn't know which shade would suit your company and its objective the most.

Furthermore, because most interior design logos use a variety of different fonts as the symbol, you should also learn about the various Serif and Sans Serif fonts that are used. Remember that as the business owner, you should be aware of good and bad logos so you don't end up using something which is ineffective.

Leverage Social Media Websites

As an interior design company, one of your main responsibilities will be to reach out to people and interact with them. This is why, once your logo and brand identity is established, make use of the many social media websites to spread the message far and wide. Other than this, you should also put your brand identity on every single product/merchandise that leaves your facility or company so that with time, people will recognize your brand wherever they see the logo.

For some people, it may be difficult to make an interior design logo that has the ability to attract and stand out. But if you are up for the challenge and go through with at least a few of the secrets discussed here, success will be yours within a few short months. So don't wait for your competitors to beat you but instead take the initiative and stand tall amongst all.

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