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Catering Logo Ideas to Appeal to Your Customers

When you are running a catering business, you are probably not focusing on your company name or branding. Overseeing major catering events as you serve good food with an artistic touch are all in a day's work. But you also need to remember that whether it is the catering business or any other, if you're not branding with a catchy logo, you may be missing out on a great deal of marketing opportunities which can otherwise strengthen your business.

It's important to come to terms with the fact that a logo is simply not an image, but the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. So what better way to boost the popularity of your business in today's highly competitive market? A great looking brand identity always stands out and has the ability to heavily influence audiences. So why pass the opportunity to convert everyday spectators into clients?

This is why getting a brand design and understanding the various elements that go into it should be at the top of your priority list.

Here are some basic concepts which will help you in designing some tasty catering logos.

Setting Yourself Apart

How do you make your logo unique and design it in such a way that it stands out among so many other catering services? If you want the answer to this basic question, you must first ask yourself what your area of expertise is. For example do you deal with BBQ specialties, wedding cakes, or hors d'ouevres? Nevertheless, whichever kind of food you cater, you need to define this clearly in the logo design so your brand can reach out to customers everywhere. How's a French flag coupled with a baguette for a French baked goods business? Here are some designs that stand out.

Chef Catering Logos

private chef logo graphic
Catering business logo graphic

Simplicity Is Key Where Color Is Concerned

Colors practically reach out and talk to you, don't they? However, customers will not be happy or impressed if you use bright and funky colors. Moreover, because the margin for error is quite small, you don't want the color theme to have a negative impact.

Even though black and white are very common among catering logos, warm and natural-looking colors are best. However, you will need to steer clear of neon or bright color themes because they tend to convey the message of chaos. The most ideal thing to do would be to opt for realistic and natural hues which resemble natural and seasonal food. Earth tones, yellows and reds, blues, greens, all do a good job. What you want is learn about the combination of colors which attract people more to the logo design rather than the one color and tagline.

Caterer Logo Design Samples

5 Sistah's logo PNG
catering service logo graphic
food truck logo design contest

Blue and beige for example, are often good for relaying a "beachy" feel. Shades of green convey organic foods, while reds and browns work best for a rustic tone, - perfect for BBQ or steak. Visualize what impact you want on your customers, and you'll have everything you need.

Projecting Your Image

You might come across a plethora of symbols and images that are native to catering chains: a chef's hat, cooking pot or knife and fork. Though these work well, they can look overdone. This is why instead of generic industry icons, you're better off looking to your cuisine type for inspiration. So if you're a modern caterer with an edgy cuisine who isn't shy of blending cultures and flavors, - you could go with a logo that stands globally. A simple flag or banner that represents origin of country cuisine will be ideal for this kind of a restaurant.

Cooking and Catering Logo Icons

Cooking and Catering Logo Icons

On the other hand, if you're a vegetarian caterer; leafy greens, a ripe tomato or two, or rosemary sprig can represent your business very nicely. There's no hard and fast rule though. You can also keep it simple, clean and direct by focusing more on what you want to call your catering business. Catering logos also typically sport images related to food and utensils. So don't rely on symbols a lot because these will only set limits for you.

Doing Justice to Your Design - Fonts

A well-rounded logo design with all the vital elements in place is complemented by the right font usage. Abstract designs, for example require daring fonts, while simple ones demand Zen-like styles which appear clean. Wedding caterers may make use of script font while Southern-style caterers should employ antique lettering.

Your font has to look good on all marketing mediums, and for this reason it should be easy to read and understand. A great design should look fitting on your marketing materials, social media and the company website because these are the design elements which highlight your business's unique characteristics.

When fonts are appropriately selected, they have the ability to attract just the right kind of audience.

"Taglining" Your Logo

Even though you may not come across a tagline for every catering company. More businesses have started to take the plunge. Taglines cover your brand story, and should describe something unique about a business trait. So ask yourself, 'what makes your service special?'

There! These are but some of ideas to get you started on creating delicious brand graphic for your catering business. Before they taste your food, attract customers with creative and tasty logos and get them to place the orders.

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