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Top 10 Best Indian Restaurant Logos with Unique Concepts


The logo of an Indian restaurant acts as a visual representation of a restaurant, communicating the identity of the restaurant through visual appearance. It is one of the most important parts of branding and marketing your Indian restaurant logo, as it creates a first impression on diners as well as helps in making it distinctive from others. A well-designed Indian restaurant logo design evokes the rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality of Indians.

The logo's design is drawn especially by adding cultural elements reflecting the cuisine. Every element is chosen to connect the logo with customers to create a connection. A well-designed Indian eatery logo helps in communicating the restaurant's story and supports the restaurant's cultural connection.

Designing a logo for an Indian restaurant demands thorough and detailed representation to show the essence of Indian culture and aesthetics. Here are a few elements that can be used in an ideal Indian food restaurant logo design:

Ethnic designs:

Using traditional Indian designs such as mandalas or henna designs in the logo can create a direct connection with the country's culture and cuisine. Try using icons that create an immediate association with the popular Indian dishes biryani, tandoori, samosa, dosa, and many more. Including these foods, icons will instantly convey the type of cuisine served in an Indian restaurant and provide clarity to the customers in terms of products and services offered.


In the "Amma’s” South Indian cuisine logo, the image gives an enchanting mandala pattern as a visual element, representing a symmetrical and balanced design depicting Indian culture. While the abstract lady shows home style food. This also depicts the restaurant's idea of using fresh and modern ideas to attract their patrons. Subtle spice accents are shown around the mandala recommending an entertaining culinary experience to customers at their Indian restaurant.

National colors

When forming an Indian restaurant logo vector, including traditional Indian colors can help to create cultural genuineness and instantly relate to the cuisine. Incorporate colors that are commonly used in Indian restaurant logos such as vibrant shades of red, orange, saffron, green, and gold. These colors can give feelings of warmth and energy.


The Indian cafe logo for "Royal India" captures the essence of the Indian flag with the help of vibrant red and yellow colors which are the primary colors. Red represents the energy and warmth of Indian restaurants, while yellow represents happiness, and the rich flavors of Kolkata's cuisine. The logo design is distinctive and recognizable.

Calligraphic Fonts


For the logo "Curcuma House" is written in English as well as in a stylish Indian-inspired font "Hindi", Each character of the name is designed in a detailed manner, taking motivation from standard Indian calligraphy to make a sense of cultural connection. The rich Gold color is used as it is associated with luxury and prosperity, which stands out well with fine Indian dining.

Indian ingredients or spices

Illustrate the standard Indian ingredients like chili peppers, curry leaves, and naan bread or spices of Indians like turmeric, cumin, and cardamom in your logo to make it distinct. These elements are essential to represent Indian cuisine as it is well-known for its rich flavor, therefore, these elements can add a unique touch to the logo.


This Somerset Masala Indian cuisine logo features a traditional irresistible hot taste of Indian dishes and sets the logo apart from other Indian food logos that other nations have to offer. The golden yellows symbolize turmeric, a spice loved not just for its color but also for its great health benefits. Meanwhile, the red stands for the essential chili that is the focus of the overall taste of Indian cuisine. All these factors combine to make Indian food filled with rich flavor.

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is greatly representational in Indian culture. A beautifully demonstrated lotus flower as the centerpiece of the design not only, is a symbol of purity and beauty in Indian culture but also, can be an elegant addition to the logo representing the logo in a traditional Indian way.


This logo has been designed by placing translucent black lotus flowers in the background of the logo. The lotus is an iconic symbol in Indian culture that symbolizes purity in Indian cuisine logo design. The rich gold gradient color used for the Indian restaurant logo name “Saffron” with an elegant script font demonstrate that it is a fine dining restaurant.

Serving utensils

Illustrating Indian cooking utensils like adding smaller illustrations of the serving utensils, such as a traditional rounded pots, pan, serving spoon, etc. means that these utensils are symbols showcasing the restaurant's emphasis on traditional Indian cooking methods, hence amplifying their authenticity.


The "Indian Kitchen" restaurant logo features a piping hot wok like pan, a traditional cooking ware, with crescent and customized serif font. The use of green and red conveys the Indian masala colors and which aligns well with traditional and classic Indian cuisine.

Cultural Landmarks:

Include symbols that symbolize Indian memorabilia, such as famous Indian landmarks like the Taj Mahal to directly connect the logo with the customers at a first glance and make it memorable. If your restaurant specializes in any particular cuisine from a distinct region of India, you can add the iconic landmarks of the region in the logo to invoke nostalgia in order to attract patrons.


In the logo "Calcutta Canteen" the designer has represented the iconic landmark of Calcutta, which is the Howrah Bridge. The bridge in this Indian cafe logo embodies the connection between the restaurant and its Indian origins along with the vibrant red and yellow colors, which are also the color of Indian spices with a clean calligraphy of the name of the restaurant.

Chef's Hat

A classic chef's hat on top of the logo represents the restaurant's devotion to culinary expertise as well as adds a touch of relevancy to the eatery's theme. In the case of the Indian restaurant logo designs, you will notice a localized chef’s hat which is an Indian turban. It is one of the classic ways of making the logo stand out among others and declaring its niche dining spot.


This logo design succeeds in portraying the image of an Indian chef wearing a traditional pagri (turban) in vibrant yellow and red colors which illustrates various Indian spices like chili powder and turmeric, which recall the fragrant and rich nature of Indian cuisine. The chef is smiling, holding a thumbs up, Conveying the culinary expertise and realism of the Indian restaurant. Along with the bold and elegant fonts for the restaurant name "Calcutta Canteen."

Character, Mascot, Animal

Create a character that represents the nature of Indian hospitality and culture, such as an Indian chef in traditional attire having a friendly and approachable gesture wearing a traditional hat with a warm smile on the face along with the bold typography in red color which is easily readable by customers.


The central feature of the Giris Indian restaurant logo is a nice and approachable traditional Indian chef. He is portrayed in traditional Indian chef attire, wearing a chef's hat and a clean apron. His warm and welcoming smile communicates the restaurant's hospitality and invites customers to taste the delicious traditional Indian cuisine along with the red clean readable calligraphy.

Clean and versatile design:

Make sure that the logo is clean, scalable, and works well in various mediums such as menus, social media, and promotional materials. Consider adding a unique selling point of the restaurant that shows commitment to Indian cuisine as well as ensure that the logo has a good proportion of complexity and simplicity. Try to keep the complexity minimal to make it visibly more attractive and memorable and design a logo that is adaptable to every promotional material.


The creator has beautifully designed this logo for Masala Darbar in simple black and white colors. The half mandala is a respected symbol in Indian culture, represents spiritual wellness and elegance, perfectly representing the core of the restaurant's authentic Indian cuisine by linking the logo to Indian culture. This strategic placement of the symbol complements the elegant sans serif font. The use of a black adds depth and contrast, letting the font shine boldly in a neat and effortlessly readable manner while also capturing the reader’s attention and leaving a long-lasting impression.


Each of these Indian restaurant logos fascinates the audience with its distinctive unique concept, cultural relevance, and creative implementation of cultural Indian designs. These logos successfully communicate the restaurant's individuality, importance, and respective culinary specialties, leaving a lasting impression on customers and attracting them to experience the rich flavors of Indian cooking.

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