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Cleaning Service Company Logos with Deep Impact

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cleaning service? If you are like most people, you probably thought of a shining and gleaming kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and instantly had a sense of peace and wellbeing. These are the sort of feelings that everything associated with cleanliness evokes in us.

So the question is, how do you create a logo which tells your target audience that you are all about being clean and fresh? The answer to this question may not be simple because there are a number of things which play a role in the success of your logo. Successful cleaning services use art and design in their brand identities which represent the company in a unique and positive way.

Why Logos Are Better than a Thousand Words

Putting together a smart design with some imagery and accompanying text is a task that can appear simple at first. However, not everybody is adept at using the right tools to get the job done. Many businesses design their visual identities by incorporating a name inside a shape. These fairly basic designs often lack the thought process and concept that goes into professional logo designing.

A brand identity is something customers relate to. It is more than a symbol or graphical representation,it reflects your company's brand identity and can leave a lasting impression on your audiences. So you need to make sure that you are, in fact, leaving the right impression.

Visual attributes such as the color, shape, size, font, and how they flow seamlessly in the design, have an impact on a customer's perception of the business. To the average business owner, this can be unchartered territory, one that can be easily navigated by a logo designer. It's up to you to convey your vision to your designer.

It's all in the Perception

One of the first elements to consider when it comes to your cleaning service brand identity is how you want to influence and inspire customers. Start by carefully considering the type of cleaning service you provide. This will allow you to handpick a few design choices. For example if it's an auto cleaning service you specialize in, you could have a logo of a car with a big hose on top of it. The brand itself needs to speak clearly about how it can make the lives of customers easier. There should be no room for any confusion.

Decide on a purpose for your art and design. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and think about what they would feel or understand when they look at this logo?

Cleaning Service Logo Design Samples

cleaning business logo
carwash business logo

Projecting Positive Messages

An image of a broom or mop wielding maid is what immediately spring to mind when you think of a domestic or maid cleaning service. This however would not be the best cleaning logo because even though it sends a straightforward message, there is no underlying objective that the viewer can connect with. The most popular and identifiable logo projects a clear message that's exclusive to their target audience.

You may want to look at well-known logos to understand how a design projects a certain message to its audience. The Apple graphic emblem, for instance, has an apple with a small bite taken out of it. Some say that this is a biblical reference to Adam and Eve, who took a bite out from an apple growing on the Tree of Knowledge. So basically, Apple is inviting you to take a bite from their product and experience its sweetness.

Trying to come up with a clever message that hits home isn't the easiest of tasks. Sit down with your designer and have an open session about the design essentials. Bring the core values of your company out in the open and how you want the business to be perceived. From there on, your designer will be putting together all the vital components.

Janitorial Service Logos

Janitorial Service logo
commercial cleaning business logo
Janitorial Service Logo

Bringing the Design Components Together

There isn't any universal benchmark that dictates whether a cleaning service logo is going to be successful or not. Every now and then you're going to see designs that do something completely fresh. However, the basic premise of all brand identities is the same: resonate well with audiences.

Your design doesn't just need to be an unforgettable one, but also scalable so it doesn't end up looking awkward on any of your print and marketing materials.

For example, it should look just as welcoming and presentable on a large billboard as it does on a palm-sized business card. Also, when being printed, it should hold well on its own without color. Simply put, it must retain its positive aspects and have strong appeal in black and white as well.

Original Concepts

Because it is possible that you may end up showing a message or idea that is similar to your competitors, you must pay attention to the design process. Always research extensively in the market to ensure your design is original and unique enough to stand out in every way.

Leave the intricate details up to professional graphic designers. You may be spending extra for now, but you'll be raking in far more profits once your cleaning business's brand identity is established in a unique and identifiable way.

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