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Professionals who are responsible for giving legal advice to various customers know that as a consultancy, their services need to appear reliable and trustworthy. Now even though there are many ways in which you may try to impress your clients and make them believe in your brand, what can you do to invite in potential customers who haven't had a taste of what you have to offer yet? The answer to this seemingly difficult question is simple; you depend on your company brand design to do the job for you.

Yes, while you are working to satisfy your loyal customers, your brand image or logo will fill the purpose of being a symbol which impresses and influences potential customers to come into your doors and explore the possibilities. Unfortunately, though there are a few experienced designers you can hire, you will find many who don't know about the most common and biggest mistakes in logo designing. So for your benefit, here are some of these errors and their simple solutions.

Using Too Many Colors

If your legal firm logo has too many colors, it is bound to fail. The fact is that when you use more than two to three shades in one logo, they end up clashing, instead of complementing each other. Using these colors will especially be a bad idea for your business because it will cause people to think that your company is amateur or not serious about your work.The best thing you can do is to use a maximum of two to three colors and also design in black and white. Also bear in mind that though color in an important element, your legal services logo design shouldn't depend on them to make their message clear. Experts suggest that you first design a logotype, image or symbol and add the colors in the end to see the final effects.

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Going Overboard with the Symbol

Another mistake you will find designers make is overdoing the symbol or core image used in the logo. When designing the symbol on the other hand, your logo shouldn't be too ordinary as well because this will only make people forget about it easily.

Remember, your primary goal should be to keep the design simple yet interesting because this is the type of logo which will keep your customers interested. So strike a balance between simplicity and intrigue and grab their attention before it gets diverted to your competitors.

Not Considering Various Platforms

When your designer is working on the logo, you need to remember that it will be used on many different platforms such as stationery, marketing material and other advertising collaterals designs as well. If you fail to take care of this, you will end up with a logo that doesn't fit onto many different surfaces.

This is why, you need to take care of the colors and typography that you use and make sure that they look good when they are displayed on billboards and legible when shrunk onto a smaller platform like pens and business cards.

Using Raster Images

Vectors should be your first and only choice when you want a design that is perfect in all angles. Even though you will find many attorney services with raster images, you will note that all of them lack the polish which is found in vector based logos. Rector images show obvious pixels when they are magnified while vectors are refined and distinguished in their character. Learn the difference between these two because it will prove to be especially helpful when you receive the final file formats from the designer Some of the most common symbols used in this category are a balance, lion and a lady holding a scale. However, if you are lucky enough to have a designer who thinks outside the box, be glad because this means that you will be presented with an abstract image which will make your position as a company even stronger.

Depending on Trends or Special Effects

If you provide attorney services and consultancy, you shouldn't depend on trends in logo design or special effects. Bear in mind that trends change every few years or even sooner so if you implement a lot of changes, they will be rendered useless within a short time. The same thing is applicable for special effects especially when you are talking about legal services logo design. If you include many special effects, the symbol or logo won't be able to shine with all its glory on various platforms because it may need to be presented simply and without any effects. Though it's okay to use both of these things, you should do so sparingly and with great care because they will either make or break your entire logo.

Copying Competitors' Logos

Know what will cause you to become an instant failure in the industry? Copying your competitors' design or getting a bit too inspired by them. If you do this, not only will your existing customers turn away but your integrity will also be compromised, which will ultimately result in a bad name for your brand and company. Though it is suggested that you browse through logos that belong to your industry and get a few ideas and concepts by looking at them, you shouldn't decide to cheat no matter what your position. Instead, find a designer who can think of his own unique and distinctive ideas so your logo is one of a kind. Any and all firm or legal services logo services owners must be aware of all these top mistakes because it will help you decide whether or not the logo is worth the money that you spent. Though there are a lot of other mistakes which you may find, these are the basic ones which you must remember.

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