Traditional vs. Trendy Logo Design Elements: A Seemingly Never-Ending Battle!

By Janil Jean , Sep 2 2014

Lo and behold, all eyes on this seemingly endless battle between old school vs. modern elements of design! Witness which elements fight to remain in and which have been rendered obsolete and put to silence!

The traditional elements have been picked out from the designs that were a rage back in the early 2000s but now have become over a decade old and hence old-fashioned. The trendy elements, on the other hand, are a part of the big “flat design revolution”. These are the elements that have fought valiantly to trample skeuomorphsm and survive in the era of minimalism. Moreover, some elements like, Trans Menagerie and Flat Facets have become quite popular amongst the designers and illustrators alike, and have worked their way high up to become the apple of our eyes!

Trendy has come out the winner in our eyes, what wins for you? Are there any elements on the traditional end that you might want to save and still use?

Enjoy the feud and do not hesitate to send in your views and suggestions!

Traditional vs. Trendy Logo Design Elements: A Seemingly Never-ending Battle!

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