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creative music band logo ideas


So you can bring people on the dance floor and make them hip hop? But does your music band logo design dances to your tune too? Be amazed and take a look at the logos of the New York Dolls, Madness, Jamiroquai, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Aphex Twin, AC/ DC, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, they all have one thing in common. They are outrageous and they rock and roll with the music band.

The Rolling Stones

The sexy red lips and tongue identifies an English rock band 'The Rolling Stones' was created in 1971 by John Pasche, nine years after the band was formed. The logo design was introduced along with the Sticky Fingers album, but it gained popularity very quickly and one of the reasons is its eye-catching design. Its sexy symbol and red color represent rock, youthfulness and peppy nature of the band members and songs.

Aphex Twin

Musician and composer Richard David James aka Aphex Twin also has a unique brand identity. The logo design created by Paul Nicholson defines the changing face of his music. It is inspired by alien myths and other related stories. Just look at the logo, you can see a 'Saw' an 'A' and other symbols too. The Guardian describes Twin as "the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music" and his artistic logo design depicts it that nature.


The Australian hard-rock band AC/DC has a logo design as fascinating as their name. Anyone who doesn't know about their rowdy image, shredding riffs and macho lyrics can easily get this idea just by looking at the bold font and a flash of lightning between the two words representing a slash. The choice of color is important; the logo is mostly seen in a red or white font and a black background.


If you are asked to pick some of the controversial music bands, Mayhem would definitely fall in the list. The Norwegian black metal band which is known for its controversies and violent stage performances needed a high-pitched brand identity that says all about them. Letters adorned with crucifixes and bat wings in the design are as loud and unpleasing for the eyes as their music is for most of the people.

New York Dolls

The band of boys who wore make-up and call themselves 'dolls' appeared in early seventies and were the pioneers of the punk rock. Sylvain Sylvain, one of the founding members of the band used to work at a doll repair shop and labeled the band New York Dolls by getting inspiration from there. They wanted to get an identity design that is as catchy as their name. For some the design may look girlish but the name New York Dolls written in luscious pink font is cool, sexy and depicts their ideology. It has the magic to make you stop and stare for some time.

Now that you have gotten the idea how designs can sing and dance, it's time to make yours fall in the list of successful music band logos too. So what have you learnt?

Brainstorm your idea

Before making any decision, you need to consider a few aspects and discuss them with your designer. What type of music you play? What's your brand story? Every brand has a story, how it came into being, why you chose the specific name, who are your target audience and what they expect from you. Discuss all the details with the expert and answer the questions correctly. Share if you have any ideas and let the design guru use his/ her creativity.

Font is the king

If you want to keep your band name within the emblem but fear that it won't look appealing, fret not. Tell this to your designer and see what suggestions you get. The Sex Pistols, Mayhem and KISS all have their name visible in the logo, yet they are attractive. There is a huge variety of font styles to choose from. Some unique and high-quality fonts are also available for free. Play with some of them, add some effects and choose the logo that looks the best.

Symbol that clicks your image

A logo design reminds people about the brand. If you don't like to stick to the traditional logotype, you are free to select another one. You can opt for a symbol that people can link with your brand easily. Take for instance Inspiral Carpets, an alternative rock band from England associated with a cow or Crass's iconic logo, who have made a mark due to their unique symbols. Tool, the American rock band also has an amazing logo, the clever design showed a spanner with their name hidden in it.

Inspiral Carpets Logo PNG

Color your impact carefully

Imagine if the New York Dolls used yellow color instead of pink in their logo design. Would it have the same impact? Certainly not, it would have ruined the logo completely! Choosing the right color is extremely important in a design. A design expert and musician understand its importance well. The color can either destroy a design or make it a complete hit. Moreover, logos are placed on letterheads, stationery, business cards, billboards so you have to make sure they don't lose their charm. Be very careful when selecting colors; try experimenting with different shades and go for the one that complements your music style. Bold and sharp colors like black and orange are best suited for rock bands.

Provide environment for the design

Background can really change the look and feel of the design. It gives life and space to a design to breathe and rest on. A band logo design can become more appealing when placed on a complimentary color, than when they are placed on a white background. It provides the environment customized especially for the logo, so that it becomes more prominent. Though, most music band logos are based on black or white background but you can tickle your creativity and ditch the conventional "on white" design approach too. Step ahead and be an inspiration for others.

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