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Whether you call it a music studio or academy, the place where melodious sounds are produced needs a good and impactful brand design. Because you will be catering to musicians and producers, you need to have a visual identity that speaks volumes about the quality of music and sound which are developed inside your studio. Unfortunately, there are a lot of music academy owners who don't understand the importance of having a brand logo and end up running out of business simply because they ignored this very vital element and didn't pay attention.

So if you don't want to walk the same path and fail, you should know about the three vital elements that come together to make a singular visual identity that tells your target audience about your services. Bear in mind that even though there are many other aspects which should be considered, the ones discussed here are most important when it comes to getting your logo recognized.

Incorporate Music True Images

Music true images are basically those which are according to the industry that you function in. A symbol, shape or image in a logo is important because it represents your company, its value and objectives. Though you can always opt to develop a symbol free visual identity, it is recommended that you rely on an image of a musical instrument or headphones so that the nature of your business becomes obvious. Here are a couple of things you should be focusing on.

Look for Vector Images

When you decide to use an iconic or combined logo for your business and music academy, you must make sure that you use vector images instead of raster. The reason for this is because not only are vector images easier to manipulate but are scalable. This quality makes them ideal for logos because your visual identity will sometimes be used on large and small surfaces and in these instances, it is crucial that the logo remain as persuasive as ever.

music amp logo icon
microphone wearing headphone icon music production logo
piano keys logo for music studio

Don�t Overcomplicate

Even the music studios that do have a logo make the mistake of using very complex and complicated symbols or images. The thing with such symbols is that they don't only confuse and distract the viewers but fail to deliver the message that you were trying to convey in the first place. So avoid putting in too much at the same time because this won't do well for the future of your business or your branding strategies.

Avoid Using More than Two

Not only do you need to avoid complicating the symbol but also putting in too much. Remember, the visual identity of your business will be used on small platforms like pens and badges from time to time. In this scenario, if you have more than two symbols, the viewers won't be able to distinguish and the music studio logo will seem jumbled up and barely recognizable. So if you want to stop your viewers from being confused, ask your designer to use one or a maximum of two music symbols.

Add Suitable Text and Typography

Music studio logos sometimes consist of typography which is either used individually or along with the symbol. The benefit with these text visual identities is that they help your target audience remember your name and bring an extra element into your design. If you browse through several music studio logos below, you will find that though most use Sans Serif fonts some also utilize custom typefaces. Focus on these when using typography in your logo design.

waves icon music production company logo
crown wings and stars graphic logo for music production company
swoosh music artist logo icon

Keep it Simple

Simple typefaces are the way to go when you want your target audience to remember your business's name or initials. Instead of using curved and other such complicated and controversial designs, use ones which are elegant and straightforward.

Study Your Competition

One of the best ways you can decide on the typography for your visual identity is by studying your competitors and the fonts which they have used in their own logo. It is not necessary that you copy them or use the exact same fonts but you can always take inspiration or alter a few of the original ones and then use that. Experts suggest that you first experiment with different fonts and see how they look together or along with the symbol.

Restrict to a Maximum of two

Much like images or symbol, you also need to start using not more than two typefaces for the representation of your company. Though it is recommended that you use only one, you can use two similar fonts if a tagline is present along with the business name so the viewer can differentiate between the two.

Wrap it up with Complementary Colors

Colors are what wrap the symbols and typography of your logo together. They give your visual identity the push it needs to be instantly recognizable and attractive. But if you really want the color to play an important role in your logo, you should focus on the following pointers to make sure that you are using the right ones.

Know About Color Psychology

Color psychology has to do with how your logo color is interpreted or seen by the target audience. For example, if you are using purple in your music studio logo, the viewer will immediately think of royalty and sophisticated music which is soulful to listen to. On the other hand, if you incorporate deep shades of red, your logo company will be seen as having passion in the music industry like in rock music. The colors that you use may also reflect the type of music you produce like rock, country or pop etc.

Design with Black and White

Other than using industry suitable images, you should also ensure that the logo looks good in black and white. Because the visual identity will sometimes be presented in black and white, it is important that it not lose its impression when it is shown without color. Experts suggest that you begin designing in black and white so that the color is only needed as backup.

Follow the above tips talked and you won't go wrong. Also keep in mind that because your logo is such a big part of your branding, you must give your designer plenty of time to create a visual identity that is distinctive and unique.

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