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When all else fails… just be cute!

I've never owned a cat, but when I see pictures like this, I really want to keep one as a pet. This picture makes me want to scoop this little ball of fur into my hands, cradle it, love it and never let it go. And I’m not even a pet person! I'm telling you, cuteness has a way of making people's hearts melt. So pet store logos have an easy way out when it comes to impressing people. Just add a cute animal picture or symbol into your logo and you're good to go!

Why does cuteness always work? The thing is, when something is cute, it automatically grasps our attention and makes us feel all warm inside – yes even the meanest, most serious people tend to get affected by this mysterious trait. Frankly, I don’t really care about the dynamics of how it works, all I know is I know of a trick to attract people with my cute pet, in any form or color, I would use it – to boost business.

Pet store graphic emblems can actually attract customers by the hordes with a creative graphic and add an adorable element. Many pet stores are already using this feature to win over customers but I have noticed that some shops are still not using this trait to their advantage. If you are starting a pet shop or are already running one, a sure way to gain success is through a logo design which makes people go all "awww". Here are examples of 5 pet store and service logos that will make you go all fuzzy with affection.

Mon Pet Chou

Featured on the website of a branding agency called Hubble Brands this logo is the epitome of cuteness with the image of a dog holding a heart shaped balloon. The agency has shown a fine sense of marketing and some serious understanding of graphics by designing a creative images which is neat and cute at the same time. The pop art element is an even better addition as it makes the logo stand out when placed strategically above the shop. See example below:

You would definitely walk into this one right?

Pitsy Bichos

Pitsy Bichos has been in the market since 1997 and specializes in the wholesale of pet products. The logo uses a very jumpy and happy dog to portray its effectiveness in keeping pets happy by providing all the things they could ever need – from toys to clothing to bedding and toilets. The brand symbol also uses a warm yellow color as it is known to symbolize hope and cheerfulness.

Little Paws Dog Shop

Little Paws is an online shop so it uses the cuteness element in its graphic symbol as well as website, which I think is a really good combination. The logo employs the use of a cute little paw in a cheerful yellow color while the rest of the website design uses bright colors as well as cute little dogs everywhere to attract dog lovers. I especially admire how web site design made to look like a shop front. Very smart indeed!

ABC Pet Plaza

Even though I'm not very fond of the name of this pet product store, I do like the way the logo incorporates the image of a puppy peeking from the side - it's cute and quirky at the same time. It looks professional on the website and Facebook page even though it does take on a bit of a non-serious identity through the use of the puppy. This is achieved by using a serious and formal font which I feel makes it a perfect mixture of the two.


Petco is a leading specialty retailer which provides products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets happy and fit. The brand image portrays the same by placing two happy pets together. Its bright colors attract and the happy faces of the pets create a happy atmosphere. Any company's brand identity plays an important part in its success and the success of this graphic identity can be gauged by the number of fans on the company's Facebook page which has reached 3 million.

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