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Make Wildly Creative Animal Logos That Roar with Brand Personality

Surfing the web is a task that people usually don't do with a lot of concentration. When you visit the web page for a business, brand, or organization, the first thing your sight lays upon is the logo. It sets the tone for what people perceive about what you are putting out there as a brand. It would not be too far-fetched to say that animal logos are the most essential form of brand representation out there. This article will run you through all the details you'll be needing when making animal logos for your startup, brand, zoo, or even animal conservation organization.

Who Needs Animal Logos?

While we have established how crucial logos are for your brand identity, a question remains regarding the relevance of using animal logo designs for different businesses or organizations. A variety of industries can best be represented by a striking yet captivating creative animal logo design.

1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

This conservation organization uses a panda as its logo.

2. Sea World

The theme park and aquarium uses imagery of an aquatic creature as its logo.

3. Blue Buffalo

The pet food company uses a stylized blue buffalo as its logo.

However, the relevancy of animal logos is not just restricted to those providing services. Businesses that manufacture or sell products for animal use are also advised to incorporate an animal logo in their brand to reach out to a wider section of their target audience. You might have noticed how almost all dog or cat food brands are marketed through images of those animals. So if you are selling a similar product, or even different ones such as leashes, animal toys, beds, and other goods, you should go for an animal logo.

If you are a sports team and you are aiming for fame to be more noticeable to audiences and recruiters alike, it would be highly recommended that you create a mascot logo starring the mascot animal of your team in all its glory and glamor. It would not only set you apart from the other teams as people would associate you with a mascot that portrays you only, but would also make you more memorable for fans or those giving out opportunities. For example, the NBA basketball team uses an animated red bull head as its mascot logo.For example, the NBA basketball team uses an animated red bull head as its mascot logo.

Or, the NFL football team shows a two-toned image of a falcon in flight as its mascot logo.

Adding up, if you are running a theme park, zoo, animal conservation center, safari park, or even an aquarium; you should have a logo that immediately illustrates that your endeavor will be putting animals on display. It would clarify the theme and tone of your project to those wondering and would also grab the attention and fascination of young curious minds that make the most of your money.

If you are working towards the goal of creating a reserved space for wild animals and habitat protection, then having an animal in the logo of your organization would create empathy and compassion among the people, which would further help your cause in the long term.

Why Do You Need Custom Animal Logos?

Visual Appeal

Differentiation and Memorability

Moreover, a logo would make it easy to single you out among a sea of brands that are in the same market as you, trying to profit off of the same things. Having a mascot logo for your business differentiates you from your competitors and gives off the idea that you are an individualistic and unique brand that has an edge over the others. There are many well-known examples of famous brands having mascots that are at times the only way users and consumers

When children and their parents are looking to buy frosted flakes in a supermarket where the options for this one product are many, they are most likely to locate this product through the mascot and put it in their carts without even reading the name. That's the power of a memorable animal logo design!

Create Curiosity

Similarly, when someone wants to find you on the web or in a directory, your brand logo would be their guiding light. For those seeking to discover, custom animal logos are the best way to lure a potential customer in as it ignites a sense of curiosity about what the animal appearing on their screen stands for.

Features of a Good Creative Animal Logo Design

There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind to ensure that the animal logos you are leaning toward will actually contribute to your brand image in a positive way. Some of them are:


The first and foremost thing here is that your animal logo design should accurately and comprehensively demonstrate the workings of your company or project.

  • It should not be misleading, confusing, or defamatory to your brand image.
  • Rather, the animal you choose should boast-worthy extension of your brand personality that accentuates the positive features and spirit of your brand in the most desirable and appealing way possible.

Custom animal logos are the most appropriate and effective way to achieve this. They promote originality and aesthetics that are tailored according to your needs and wants.

You may start off by positioning a real-life still, or a digitally created cartoon image of the animal of your choice as the central figure of the logo. Then, you could proceed by surrounding it with the colors of your brand.

2.Color Palette

The key to success over here is that while you are making the choice for what colors to incorporate in your custom animal logo, keeping in mind the effect different colors have on the human mind and what emotions they trigger. Here is what you should do.

  • The colors in your custom animal logos should suit the purpose, mission, and vision of your brand. For example, it is not recommended to use a deep green for an animal graphic image trying to warn or alert the audience as green is more relevant for peace, nature, and tranquility. A bright red or yellow would be the right choice in this situation.
  • The colors in the animal's image and the surroundings should also fuse well together and not clash with each other to avoid an unpleasant logo.
  • Animal colors are muted and natural, unless you are featuring an exotic parrot or toucan.


It should also not be similar to other famous logos so that it doesn't seem like you're impersonating others.

When including text, use fonts that are easy on the eyes and mind. Professional-looking fonts like Montserrat would be preferred over more casual ones like Comic Sans.

Wrapping up

Animal logos are complex in terms of imagery and symbolism. You don't want to end up with an animal logo design that does not communicate your brand's persona and message. Since there are quite a number of technicalities involved in the process of making custom animal logos, one should hire professionals who are masters of logo designing trade. This would be the best alternative to attain the perfect creative logo for your brand.

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