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Tips to Design Stunning Horse Logos for Equestrian Businesses Gallop to Success

Horses, stallions, mares, ponies or whatever you like to call them are very commonly used in logos nowadays. Many famous car companies like Lamborghini, Ford and Ferrari already use it in their logos.

A horse logo represents speed, strength, independence, nobility, and excellence of a brand. Besides some luxury car brands the horse logos are mostly used by those businesses that deal in horse service, equipment, or products used by equestrians who participate in horsing sports.

Some fashion brands like Ralph Lauren use the horse logo to convey a sense of style, beauty, and freedom.

Designing a horse logo is not as simple as it sounds. There are several strategies involved in designing a logo. You will need to do more planning and be creative during the designing process. Today we will take a look at 8 tips to remember when designing a horse logo. So let's get started.

8 Tips For Designing a Horse Logo for Your Business

Following are the eight tips to remember when designing a horse logo for a business.

1.Comprehensively Research Your Target Market

Phase one is a "question" phase. During this time, designers do research to determine what the logo will look like.

Designing a logo for a company/organization requires a solid understanding of their goals and what they wish to achieve. Don't forget that you're designing more than a logo. You are creating a brand identity.

Most equestrian logos are for companies that sell products for horses or horse riders/ athletes who play horse sports. Some popular brands include Rebel Equestrian, Ariat, Tattani and many more. The point here is not to copy their logos but see their target market and what approach they took to establish their brand identity. How does their logo depict their brand values that may be a lesson for you.

2.Start Designing

When you have decided how your logo will look and how it will represent your brand values, you can begin designing. Here is what you need for designing your logo.

  • Paper and pencil
  • It's a good idea to sketch out some initial ideas on how your horse logo will look like, which breed would you like to feature--a mare, stallion pony, etc. Try to keep it simple. The process of designing horse logos is iterative. Even if you think it is impossible for you to draw, draw a rough outline of your ideas. To be successful, you need a creative mindset.

  • Font
  • What fonts will look best on your logo? There are several to choose from that will look best on your logo. You need to think this thoroughly before you begin. Avoid using more than one font.

    There are many online sources available for downloading fonts such as Font Squirrel and Google Fonts are free resources. You can also purchase fonts from sites such as FontShop and MyFonts.

  • Graphics Design Software
  • A graphics editing program that can be used is Adobe Illustrator. Despite its advantages, it is not always cost-effective and not always user-friendly. There are several similar free tools available, including Inkscape and Vectr.

  • Graphic Design Contest
  • Organizing such contests allows you to have a wide selection of stunning horse logos to choose from that are submitted by each participant. Whilst you only pay the winner who has designed the best logo that meets your requirements but you get several horse logo design concepts.

3.Don’t Copy Competitor Designs

Creating good horse logos requires creativity and uniqueness. Your brand and competitors would be hard to differentiate if they all used the same typography, plaques, or colors.

However, during the designing process you can distinguish your horse logo design from those of your competitors.

4.Try Different Elements, Colors, and Fonts

Experimenting when designing a logo is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process. The goal is to focus your attention outward to discover various horse designs that are suitable for your brand.

Like brown color is often associated with dependability and reliability, with steadfastness and many popular luxury brand companies like Ralph Lauren Polo use it on their logo.

Blue color is associated with strength and reliability too and car manufacturing companies like IKCO, Kamaz and Ford Mustang have designed their logos with a touch of blue color.

Decide which colors will create the desired effect with your audience. Take a look at your direct competitors and then your entire industry to gain a better understanding which color scheme is best.

5.Keep Your Horse Logo Simple

When the logo is easily recognizable, the brand stays in the minds of the customers in a competitive market. What can be done to accomplish this when you are designing a horse logo?

Keeping things simple should be your guiding principle. Usually, very simple horse designs can be remembered in a short period of time, whereas complex and overly detailed illustrations are difficult to recall.

For example, take a look at Corre La Licorne that is difficult to remember by someone who looks at it for first time, although the company shut down decades ago but its logo is an example to learn from when designing horse logos.

On the other hand, see the Ferrari logo that is easy to remember and recognize at anyplace if someone looks at it.

In most cases, the brand should have an uncomplicated shape so that it can work on company mechanize like mugs, shirts, water bottles and other items.

6.Formalize Logo Guidelines

Consistency is key to a winning brand that’s why logo guidelines or more like branding guidelines are important. These are not only useful for the people working in your company like marketers, but also for those who will use it like vendors and partnership companies.

Consider target audience: Consider the target audience for the logo. For example, equestrian logos designed for children may be more playful than those for professional riders.

Make it versatile: The horse logo should be easily recognizable and effective across different mediums. This includes print, digital media, and merchandise products. The logo must also be clearly visible when placed in different backgrounds for which you’ll need PNG or high quality JPEG files.

Place the logo in a visible location: Display the logo prominently on all branded materials, including websites, letterheads, business cards etc.

7.Check Horse Logo on Mockups

In today's market, a static logo tucked away in one corner of a ready-made design is generally not sufficient. In the case of digital applications, you will need to consider how to make your logo design come alive on the go.

To explore the potential, try to collaborate with a professional animator and ask them to showcase your logo on different mockup designs to see how it would look.

Get Expert Opinion

During the design phase, it's helpful to have a second (or third) eye to spot things you might have missed. A cultural misunderstanding, an unfavorable form or a word or idea that is not appropriate is easily overlooked.

Once you've worked on your logo design concept, always take the time to check it out with others.


Designing a stunning horse logo for an equestrian business requires careful consideration of various factors such as the target audience, brand identity, and visual appeal. By following the tips discussed in this article businesses can create a memorable and impactful logo that effectively represents their brand and resonates with their customers.

A well-designed horse logo can help equestrian businesses gallop to success by building brand recognition, establishing credibility, and attracting new customers. With these tips in mind, businesses can create a logo that not only reflects their passion for horses but also stands out in a competitive market.

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