Innovative Ways to Use Restaurant Logo In Your Eatery

By Aamina Suleman , Sep 23 2021
Restaurant Logos

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Having a restaurant logo design is just one part of building a brand identity for your eatery. No doubt restaurant logos are a great way to get your brand out there to create a recognizable identity for people.

Nevertheless, once restaurateurs are done making a logo, they need to know how to use the logo to their advantage.

You can use your logo in a variety of ways, from placing it on menus to placing it on napkins. You can place your restaurant logo on the menu pages, or even on the restaurant food images that you created for the display. With the invention of new technology and innovation in design, we have come up with 10 innovative ways you can use a restaurant logo in your eatery.

Restaurant Logo
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Innovative Ways to Use Restaurant Logo

A restaurant logo is one of the most essential parts of let’s say an Indian restaurant’s branding. It reflects the nature and identity of your eatery, and it also stands as the first point of contact for customers.

Restaurant branding is an important marketing strategy to attract customers. It can be in the form of channel letters, signboards, menus, uniforms, and in some cases the logo design. Another innovative way to use the restaurant logo in your eatery is by using it in interior decor.

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Let us explore innovative ways to use your restaurant logo in your eatery.

1) Put Your Restaurant Logo on the Furniture

One way of branding any restaurant is to have the logo on furniture. This acts as an additional touchpoint for customers. Your logo can be added to restaurant furniture in various ways.

You can get it printed on wood or metal, or you can get it engraved on the surface, or get it embroidered on the seat cushion. You need to make sure that you are using high-quality material because this way it will last longer. And also make sure that your logo looks good when applied to furniture so that it attracts customers to have a seat.

Adding your restaurant logo on furniture is an excellent way to promote your business. Furniture is constantly seen, touched, and interacted with by customers.

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  1. Digitally print the logo on seating cushions
  2. Carve the logo on the back of wooden chairs
  3. Stitch embroidered logo on the back cushion
  4. Illustrate logo with paint on tabletop

There are some benefits of branding on furniture.

  • Branding on furniture is constantly seen by customers; it never escapes their notice, provided you place it in the right spot in a creative way.
  • By adding your restaurant logo to the furniture, you are marking it as your property. This way you can design customized and unique furniture.

A Thing to Remember

The right logo placement will help you reach the right audience and the wrong placement might make it very difficult for people to find you.

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2) Place Restaurant Logo on Uniform

A restaurant logo is the ultimate marketing tool for a business. There are many different types of restaurants and each one has its own identity. A logo is a surefire way to get customers to notice the business and go inside.

Putting it on a uniform can lead to more recognition and even more customers. A restaurant logo on a uniform is a creative way to increase the visibility of your restaurant while giving your employees something that shows who they work for. It may help the employees feel like they represent their company.

There are three types of uniforms: workwear, service wear, and corporate wear. The different types may vary in terms of where to put the logo depending on their function.

For example, the logo can be placed on the pocket of corporate wear uniforms such as for managerial positions. For workwear uniforms such as for chefs and sous chefs, the logo can be placed near the shoulder or on the arm. Service wear uniforms for waiters can have the logo on the end of the sleeves so while serving the visual identity of the restaurant is visible to customers as well.

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  1. Applique logo on the aprons in the restaurant
  2. Stitch logo on collars like an emblem
  3. Embellish uniform button with logo design
  4. Print logo on the back of the uniform t-shirt

There are some benefits of branding on uniforms.

  • A restaurant logo on the uniform helps customers recognize the brand and thus they are more likely to come back, only if the service was spot on as well.
  • A restaurant logo on the uniform also increases employee’s commitment to the company. They may feel motivated to be part of the team, especially when the restaurant starts to do better.

A Thing To Remember

Make sure the logo is placed where it is visible to the employees and to the customers. And while you think about the placement, also decide whether the logo will be embroidered or digitally printed.

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3) Print Logo On Restaurant’s Product Labels

A restaurant logo is a symbol or representation of the restaurant. It differentiates the restaurant from other restaurants and helps customers remember it. A logo can be on a package, on the tablecloth, on the napkins, and even on the product labels.

In some cases, restaurants will place their logo on the food packaging itself so it can be seen by those who purchase it from them or those who come into contact with it in a store. In other cases, they will print the logo onto a label that is placed over the product’s packaging and this allows them to market themselves without spending millions on advertising all the time.

For example, while eating at the Marks and Spencer restaurant, customers can buy their processed and frozen food items as well that have the M&S logo on them.

Photo Credit: M&S


  1. Print logos as a die-cut sticker for product labels
  2. For fresh juice bottles, flexographic printed labels can work
  3. Focus on sustainable and recyclable product labels
  4. Use augmented reality labels and pair them with your restaurant app

There are some benefits of branding on product labels.

  • Adding restaurant branding on product labels increases brand awareness. As in, customers can take your brand with them to their homes or even gift the products to someone.
  • Labeling your restaurant’s in-house products gives them recognition. For example, if your restaurant makes artisan sweet bread then packing them with wrapping paper that has a pattern made from your logo will add a cherry on top.

A Thing To Remember

Know that designing and printing this type of label is not as easy as it looks. A lot of factors need to be considered such as design, size, shape, and cost. So if you are making custom products then make sure you keep a budget for branding them.

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4) Place Your Restaurant Logo On Menu

A lot of restaurants are putting their logos on the menu. This is a great way to create consistency in the experience for customers. You can also print your restaurant’s logo on paper menus or use it in different online portals like Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Yelp.

The food might be the primary consideration for your customers when they visit your restaurant, but it is not the only factor that makes them come back for more. The memory of how their meal tasted will be quickly forgotten if there is no association to go with it. They could also be swayed by other restaurants in the area if their logo was more prominent or memorable.

These days, many restaurants have digital menus that can be accessed using a QR code. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. For the main, starting screen you can get the logo animated. The logo can be placed on each page on the top to a side or used as a watermark as well.

Roman Odintsov
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  1. Print good quality logo design on the menu
  2. Engrave the logo on the front of the menu card
  3. Carve it out on the paper on the menu
  4. Use the wood-burning technique for the wooden menu

There are some benefits of branding on restaurant menus.

  • A logo on a menu verifies the credibility of the food items. For example, you would rather order from a menu that is from a restaurant than order from a piece of paper that has no recognition. The customers have more trust in the food when they know who is making it.
  • Restaurants are always struggling to find new ways to keep their business running. A restaurant logo on the menu is a good way to get your name out there. Put it on your website, share it in directories, or distribute it as fliers.

A Thing To Remember

Try to print your logo on a menu that is made on high-quality paper. If you’re going digital then be creative about how to present and place your logo.

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Display Restaurant Logo On Wall

The intention of displaying the restaurant’s logo design on the wall is to make customers feel welcomed. It is also a way to remind them that they are visiting a restaurant, not just passing by.

It is very important to pay attention to how you present your logo on the restaurant’s wall. Before actually doing it, think about the texture and the pattern on the wall and think about what material you will use to construct the logo. Make sure it is a professional logo that is easy to reproduce as something tangible.

Displaying a restaurant logo on the wall is an important way to create a permanent first impression. The logo can be printed on paper but that will look tacky so think of original ways to exhibit the logo.


  1. Digitize the logo on a flat-backed television screen
  2. For a logotype, use three-dimensional LED-lit letters
  3. Hang a chalkboard and ask an illustrator to draw your logo
  4. Paint the logo on the restaurant wall like graffiti artwork

These are some benefits of branding on restaurant walls.

  • Imprinting the restaurant logo on the wall creates an even stronger connection with the customer because it sets the tone and vibe of the space.
  • It also helps promote the overall brand of the restaurant. The customers will see your logo many times when they visit and it will be in their memory for a long time.

A Thing To Remember

Putting the logo on the wall is a trick that you must use correctly. If you put the logo in the wrong place using an unappealing technique, it can harm your brand image.

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6) Present Logo Near The Restaurant

A restaurant logo is a great marketing tool to help the outside of your restaurant stand out and grab the eye of passersby.

Using a logo on the outside of your restaurant can be a very effective way to get people interested in your business. Restaurant logos are typically used as an outdoor marketing tool, but there are plenty of other places where they can be displayed and seen.

A restaurant logo is often used on the windows of restaurants and near doorways, but it can also be effective on walls or buildings close to the establishment.

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A logo on the outside of a restaurant is a great way for customers to know what they are walking into. Restaurants want to make sure that their logo is easy to see and stands out on the building.

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  1. Use blade signs to catch the attention of people on the street
  2. Display a fairly large exterior sign on the head of the restaurant door
  3. Put the logo on the menu sign outside your restaurant
  4. Use a monument sign if you have space around the restaurant

Thing To Remember

Make sure that when you’re placing your signs with your restaurant logo, you’re not violating any rule in that town or street. Be creative but don’t be deviant.

Now that we have some ideas to at least kick off with restaurant branding, let us delight our eye with some creative restaurant logos.

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