Modern Indian Restaurant Branding Serving Traditional Cuisines

By Aamina Suleman , Sep 17 2021
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I bet all those foodies who love spices have come across Indian cuisine, which is packed with aroma-filled flavors that keep your taste buds salivating. Indian restaurants have traditionally been known to serve authentic cuisines, but modern Indian restaurants tend to innovate the traditional menu with creativity and fusion.

For example, the South-East Asian restaurant in Singapore, Thevar serves laksa chicken tikka and tapas-style tandoori soft tacos. These days, there is a trend in Indian restaurants to redefine traditional cuisines and to have modern restaurant brand identity design to go with it. These new trends in branding are really catching up and will continue to do so because people want to experience something old, new, and borrowed.

Image Source: Instagram / Thevar

The Changing Role Of Indian Restaurants

In the past, Indian restaurants were considered a place to simply get food, not a space for entertainment. Hardly any consideration was given to how a restaurant looked, let alone its branding. However, this attitude has certainly changed with time and Indian restaurants are now raising the bar to compete with top international restaurants. They offer lip-smacking food along with an unforgettable experience. They also have modern designs such as a unique logo design and a responsive website to attract more customers.

Modern Indian Restaurant Branding

If you haven’t had a chance to visit India, let me tell you it is definitely a land of vibrant colors and a variety of traditions and cultures. Many Indian restaurants have a rich heritage and legacy that span centuries.

The restaurant industry around the world has seen a steady growth because one can never give up on food, can they? Over the years, branding has become an essential part of a restaurant’s existence. To stay ahead of the changing market, Indian restaurateurs are investing in a more contemporary style brand identity design.

Let us take a look at some stunning examples of modern Indian restaurant brand designs.


Khai Khai
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Khai Khai is a Quayside-based Indian restaurant that got a brand design to match its vision to serve evolutionary regional food. They provide healthy, delicious, and flavorful dishes for all those who wish to sprinkle their tongue with Indian flavors. Focus on their logo design, it is a wordmark with a font that has an industrial yet traditional appearance.

brand identity design
Images Source: Run For The Hills

Part of creating a professional brand identity design for modern Indian restaurants these days is to align the ambiance and experience of the physical space with the design elements of branding. Whether a vintage label design or a business card design, everything needs to emit the same feeling.


Tarka Indian Kitchen
Image Source: Behance / Wall to Wall Studios

Tarka Indian Restaurant first opened in Austin and then spread out to other cities in the United States. Since 2009, they’ve modified their menu many times to create voguish dishes that remind people of classic Indian food. Their current branding is modern and bright with touches of Indian aesthetics.

brand identity design
Images Source: Behance / Wall to Wall Studios

Many Indian restaurants are revamping their brand images by synchronizing the design of branding items with the theme of the physical restaurant. With a redesigned branding, restaurants can charm customers not just by their food but also by their looks.


Naya Daur
Image Source: Behance / PurpleDash Branding Boutique Studio

Naya Daur is an Indian restaurant located in Saudi Arabia that offers a variety of flavorsome ethnic dishes. The restaurant’s name translates to ‘The New Era’ and it is a suggestive brand name, especially since they’ve reinterpreted traditional recipes.

brand identity design
Images Source: Behance / PurpleDash Branding Boutique Studio

It is important to understand that branding is not just about the logo, it is also about the illustrations. Illustrations can create a lot of buzz about an Indian restaurant and can increase its popularity.


Chilli India
Image Source: Behance / Chilli India

Chilli Indian is a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia that serves authentic Indian food and aims to offer a mouth-watering experience to its customers. The brand mark is a young girl’s face with hair shaped like a chili. This mark is key to the restaurant’s branding, as you can see below.

brand identity design
Image Source: Behance / Chilli India

The meaning of branding is changing day by day and it is no longer limited to just logos and slogans. Indian restaurant branding has become an important part of the business model for any restaurant because it reflects its culture and values which gives it an edge over its competitors.

However, let us look at some modern Indian restaurant logo designs for inspiration because although a logo isn’t the only thing a brand identity needs, it is the key to it all.

Indian Restaurant 1
Image Source: Behance / Huda Hassan

While you are looking at the logo designs, observe that a modern identity doesn’t always mean minimalism. No matter if it is a Japanese restaurant logo, Mexican restaurant logo, Thai restaurant logo, Mediterranean restaurant logo, Italian restaurant logo, or Indian restaurant logo – you need to know that a modern logo doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t add graphic detailing.

Indian Restaurant 2
Image Source: Behance / Hussaina Kutub

Indian restaurants are becoming more popular in the Western world. Indian food is not only delicious but it also carries a rich culture and heritage. But while Indian restaurants are becoming more popular, it is hard to distinguish them from other similar cuisines. This is where branding comes in to make them stand out.

Indian Restaurant 3
Image Source: Behance / Eszter Laki

Branding has always been important for businesses, but now more than ever with the large competition that exists today. Branding helps people to recognize your restaurant and keep them coming back. The question here is, how do you design a brand for an Indian restaurant? One way would be to use illustrations or photos that reflect Indian culture, places, and people.

get a unique brand identity design

Indian Restaurant 4
Image Source: Behance / Riyas K

Indian restaurants are doing everything they can to stay relevant in today’s society. Branded content, website design, social media presence, and menu card designs are just a few examples of how they’re trying to stay modernized and trendy without sacrificing their roots.

Indian Restaurant 5
Image Source: Behance / Nishant Sharma

There is a lot of competition in the Indian restaurant industry right now, and that has led to some very creative branding. With so many restaurants out there, Indian restaurateurs have to find ways of standing out with their branding.

Indian Restaurant 6
Image Source: Behance / Kata Fodor

And because Indian restaurants are becoming more popular in the West, the need for branding these restaurants is more necessary than ever. However, it has to be a complete experience for the customer.

Indian Restaurant 7
Image Source: Zillion Designs / Calcutta Canteen

You don’t want to shock them with sub-standard food or interior when your branding is super chic, modern, or high-end. The menu and the décor of a restaurant also contribute to the sense of nostalgia that diners feel when they eat at an Indian restaurant.

Thus, each Indian restaurant wanting to fit in the modern world needs to create a unique brand personality. If you own an Indian restaurant, it is about time to revamp your branding and marketing designs to cater to customers of today.

It’s time to be modern!

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