Quick Guide To Using Pantone Pastel Colors In Your Brand

By Michael Baker , Oct 16 2018
Pastel Colors in Logos

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The pastel colors are usually referred to any hue with high lightness and medium, or low saturation, which means the low intensity colors with high value or lightness can technically be called pastel colors. This definition makes a very wide range of colors that comprises of three main colors (Red, Yellow and Blue), three secondary (purple, green orange) and six tertiary colors. These colors can be seen as an artistic medium which are being used for the designs and paintings. The usage of this color palette has been increased significantly over the last couple of years and few of the colors of this family have already made it into the list of “colors of the year”.

Pantone Color System

The Pantone is basically a type of color matching system or a color profile which is used to match colors perfectly. It ensures the consistency of colors so it can be used for large and important print results. Pantone pastel colors are trendy and hot colors of this year and they are being used in designing and creating the logos of different brands and industry such as for books and printing. Pantone color profile system is usually considered as an industry standard and pantone pastel colors are considered to be one of the hottest color trends of this year.

Basic Pastel Colors Pantone

Quick Guide To Using Pantone Pastel Colors

Pastel medium is being used to demonstrate the effectiveness and uniqueness in a design. Using of colors and the selection of the right colors for designing is the most integral and important part of graphic designing which could also be a very difficult one when it comes to getting and selecting the right colors. The very first thing a designer or a concerned person should know is the efficient and effective use of colors to starting out with a design. Pantone pastel colors are considered to be one of the most effective color palette and system that is being used in this new era of designing. It is not always about getting the colors perfectly right but to learn and try new things and above all, have fun. So, here is a quick guide to how to use the right pastel color logos while designing a brand.

1. Color System And Color Wheel

The first thing that needs to be done is getting yourself familiarized with the color system and the color palette that you are going with. You must know exactly where the colors on the color wheel are, and what colors are going to be used in the design. From light to dark and one color combination to another, a designer should know what and where all the colors on the color wheel are so it can be selected carefully and efficiently. Learn to use and identify different color palettes and hex codes. Hex codes or color codes can be extremely useful when you are going to use the same colors for different parts of the design so you don’t get mixed up. Pantone color profile has its codes which makes it easy to be consistent and careful with the color selection.

2. Changing The Intensity Of The Color

The intensity of the color is the darker or lighter version of the same color that can be controlled from the color wheel or color codes can be used to identify and select the exact same color which needs to be used. Changing the intensity of the color gives various shades and meaning to the same color and it is always important to know what intensity of colors should be used from pantone pastel colors.

3. How Different Colors Relate

Another important aspect of designing is to first understand and explore the color relationships so they can be used wisely and correctly as per the requirement. The easiest way to get an idea of the color relationships is to determine and understand the position of different colors on the color palette and color wheel. Some of the well-known and popular color relationships include monochromatic colors, analogous colors and complementary colors. Get yourself familiarize with how the different colors relate to each other and where they can be used to give the design a specific meaning and style.

4. Evoking Emotions With Colors

The location of the colors on the color palette and color wheel can be classified into two color types which is cool colors and warm colors. Warm colors are usually on the right that includes orange, yellow, and red. Cool colors usually blues, greens, pink and purple. So, evoke the emotions with colors by using the right combination and meaningful colors such as pastel colors.

5. Match Color With Images

The type of color system you are going to use highly depends on the type of industry and brand. Such as books, printing industry and other industries. A visual harmony needs to be created among the colors to match the text with the background image or with the idea of the industry. Use the right pastel colors relevant to the background images and the type of brand.

Pantone Pastel Colors In Industry

Colors can evoke emotions and if used perfectly and effectively, can change the mood and meanings of the design. Pastel colors are usually preferred for their meaning and effectiveness in designing and developing of a logo for different industries and brands. A logo is the marketing graphic and it needs to be perfect for a brand of a particular industry. Use the right color combination of pastel colors to bring some uniqueness and effectiveness in the design and the logo. Different logos in the industry are being designed using pastel color palette. So it is just a matter of time before everyone understands how effective and unique pastel colors can get.

Pantone pastel colors are pretty effective in using for the book industry and making a logo or design that portrays the true meanings of this industry and for the specific brands. This color palette has become one of the hottest color trends to be used for book brands so it can be used without any worries of acceptance and approval of the people. Have a look at some of the logo designs from the industry and brands that uses pastel medium.

Pastel Colors In Logos

Sort of Southern Sisters Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Restorative Organics Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Masmos We Care Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Ring Around The Rose Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Jean Bean Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Dulcet Cosmetics Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Fowler Dental Implants Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

3 Little Monkeys Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Living Worthwhile Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Coin Gift Shop Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Salon Prism Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

The Best Child Support Book Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Stephanies Family Kitchen Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Forest Friends Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Soioto County Suicide Coalition Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

The Rustic Affair Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest

Appeal Photos Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Contest



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