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It shouldn't come as a surprise to see that the fashion industry is so focused on appearance and aesthetics. Because it's a fiercely competitive industry, it is essential to have a logo design that's eye-catching and a good representative of the brand, preferably by created by graphic designers who specialize in fashion industry.

Let's take a look at some crucial elements that go into creating a really good fashion apparel brand identity.

An Image That Pays Tribute to Your Specialty

What is the one thing that sets you apart from the competition? Perhaps you're a designer who specializes in making clothes from organic materials. Or maybe your clothes cater to high-profile customers only. Whatever your strong suit is, your brand identity should wholeheartedly make it clear.

Once you are able to effectively highlight the specialty of your design or product line, you're in a position to win over customers as they can now readily identify and relate to your business.

Some Design Sensibilities

When telling the story of your product line, you may be tempted to overdo it a little by incorporating complex designs. The likelihood of this happening in the fashion industry is quite high because different niches are competing to get ahead.

However, the beauty of a well thought-out fashion brand image often lies in its simplicity. So you want something that's easily recognizable by customers. Your story should be told to boost your brand to make you stand out from your competitors. Avoid complex designs as the logo needs to work well in all your branding materials, including black and white print.

Classic Famous Apparel Logo Designs

Colors That Speak Out Loud

Color psychology is an essential part of the equation, when it comes to influencing a customer's decision making and purchasing habits. The right colors can sell your fashion apparel like hotcakes. Here's a look at how color psychology influences consumers to buy your product:

  • White is a color associated with cleanliness and purity. This is ideal for robes as well as natural clothing lines.
  • Black boasts authority which is just right for formal wear.
  • Red is a passionate tone which sits well with lingerie lines.
  • Blue is associated with security and confidence so it good for everyday clothes, including undergarments.
  • Yellow is considered a warm and positive color and resonates well with children's clothes as well as upbeat and vibrant women's apparel.
  • Orange oozes with playfulness and enthusiasm; an ideal choice for casual attire or party clothes.
  • Purple, the color of royalty, is a superb pick for high-end clothing lines.
  • Green; fresh, soothing and nature-oriented is perfect for outdoor clothes like coats, sweaters and even accessories. It's also quite fitting when it comes to organic clothing.
  • If you're into leisure wear or menswear, brown is just right because it is relaxed and stable.
  • Pink, the color of youthfulness and femininity works great for children's or women's lines.
  • Gray is great for "career wear" as it's considered a very practical color.

Reaching Out in Blacks and Whites

Colors do play a pivotal role in getting your brand message out there. However, the image itself needs to look good on all media, including those which lack color capabilities. For example, newspaper ads and stitched logos have to be presented in black and white tones only. Once you're done with choosing colors for your fashion apparel design, make sure that its key attributes are evident in black and white as well.

It would pay to look over some logos in your industry. The unobtrusive and creative CK, Cartier and Christian Dior designs, or the authentic Abercrombie & Fitch logo, all boast a simplistic design. Yet they are easily recognizable and stand out from their competitors' brand identities.

Modern Famous Apparel Brand Logos

One for All Sizes

Your brand image is something that's going to sit on tiny tags on clothes, stationery and other branding materials so you need it in varying sizes. You will also need to display the logo on large billboards or out on the storefront. So you need to ask yourself how well the design translates when displayed in different sizes.

For example, is the typography understandable when displayed on a small tag? Does it hold up well when enlarged to billboard specifications? Does it look good in digital format such as your website and online advertisement designs?

Not as Simple as a DIY

Just to reiterate, choosing a fashion apparel logo that sits well on any medium is absolutely crucial. As your business starts to grow, you'll need a flexible image which can be implemented on multiple applications.

Professional logo designers have honed their art to provide visual trademarks for any fashion apparel business. Highly-trained conceptual and creative artists take it upon themselves to transform the product line of any brand into a unique brand image.

Having the essence of your clothing line faithfully represented via trademark graphics is an opportunity you simply don't want to pass up. So hire a professional designer by starting a design contest and have your outlook projected to your target audience with just the right impact and appeal.

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