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Winning Beauty Supply Business Logo Design

Simply put, how you go about the logo design for your beauty supply is important. This is so because it conveys a message to your customers which gives them an idea of what to expect from the service or product. Because your logo helps you with your brand and business; your customers should be able to identify it wherever they see it. When deciding on a great design for your logo, consider the following aspects

Understanding Geographical Boundaries

When you're learning about the crucial elements of logo design, the typography is one of the first components that must be understood in detail. Because beauty supply businesses and salons are in the business of making people look and feel beautiful, they must also have a logo design that is eye catching and appealing. Opt for a font that conveys beauty, elegance, sophistication - all qualities that go hand in hand with beauty products.

You could go with a modern typographical feel or use a flowing script, because both of these show charm and elegance. Both these fonts can also give your logo a larger than life or "out of this world" look and feel, which you can use throughout the design process. Here are two examples of logos which have used typography perfectly

You might be familiar with the Ultra Beauty logo. This clean design is based on a rather simple sans serif typeface but is modern enough and therefore sits well with the young crowd. It gets the message of modern beauty across very effectively and does it very distinctively, which is unlike the script fonts.

Imagery Prowess

As you go through the process of envisioning your new logo design and branding, it would be best to think about how you are going to combine the text and the image. The Ulta logo above is quite simple, yet you can observe how the simple sweeping element from one side to the other has an appeal and makes you take notice of the logo.

Select the right image, and it can to a great degree, convey the message of your business. So if your beauty supply business specializes in natural and organic products, you should have an image which compliments just that. Maybe eye makeup or lipstick is your strong suite, go right ahead and highlight this in your logo.

Make Over beauty shop logo sample
Grace Kelly wordmark logo
Modern female profile beauty salon logo

Attractive and Appealing Eye-pleasing Tones

The choice of color tones speaks volumes of your business. Because beauty in the design and logo is what every beauty salon owner should aim for, you must make sure that the colors are balanced and not overly done. You don't want your design looking bold by incorporating too many colors or harsh tones. Similarly, going with the wrong colors can project the wrong vision to your customers' patrons and evoke the wrong emotions.

Do you want your logo design to look elegant? Orange, pink or purple do a good job, since they're warm as well as elegant. Going for a more modern design? Blue, green and black are great choices. Cool colors are ideal for beauty-centered businesses and spas because they have a soothing effect. On the other hand, warm colors invite happiness and excitement. Also, consider the colors you are already using around your beauty supply business as they will help you pick out the right colors for your logo design.

Sama Beauty and Skincare company logo
script font beauty supply logo sample
script font beauty supply logo sample
Refresh wordmark logo

What�s in a Tagline Anyway?

Think of a phrase or just one simple word that encompasses your company's goal and vision. Even though a tagline or slogan is not a must, adding it to your branding materials and brand identity will set you apart from your competitors, and this, in turn will tell your exactly what they can expect from your beauty supply company.

The best taglines are sweet, short and direct. So stay away from long, lengthy and confusing descriptions. So if your logo is effectively able to show what your business is about, you are exactly where you want to be.

Conveying Your Vision

Apart from delivering the right message, your message needs to be cohesive and comprehensible to your audience. When working on the right message, consider the emotions and feelings that you feel your customers might have when interacting with you.

You must be selective when it comes to graphic messages, as they can get easily distorted. Even though the image you pick may hold out on its own, but when coupled with the entire logo, it may bring out certain aspects that you might not like. For example, the font combination you pick might be beautifully separated, but when stringed together with the text, it might be difficult to read. There has to be a certain flow and harmony to it. Choose a logo that conveys the message you want to send. Getting down to designing a brand identity can be challenging and downright frustrating. Hire the help of a professional logo designer and enjoy a design that uniquely caters to your beauty supply business.

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