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Brochure for online quotes autorepair


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Brochure for online quotes autorepair


Autoreparaturen ohne Kopfzerbechen

We are a startup in Switzerland called DriveAgain. DriveAgain is a service where car holders can requests quotes from car repair shops. A car holder has three simple steps to follow:
1. identify problem (can be a damage, a service like oil or tire service, or anything else, that can be wrong with a car and needs attention)
2. identify car (select car from a list)
3. search criteria (such as "max. distance from where I live" or "I need a replacement vehicle".
DriveAgain will than send the request to workshops that fit the customers search criteria. When we collected three quotes, we will inform the customer, show them the quotes and our recommendation. The customer will choose one offer and gets his car repaired. After that, the customer can rate the workshop and leave a comment.

You can look at repairpal.com - that's a service similar to our. In Switzerland, we will be the first to offer such a service.

There's a couple of advantages for the repair shops: get in contact with new customers easily, get additional business, fill the gaps for times of low utilization.

The biggest fear the repair shops have: the lowest price will get the most business. We try to prevent this. If we see that all quotes are around 500$ and one is only 200$, we will not show the low quote to the customer. Our aim is quality before quantity.


Brochure will be B2B. We will target repair shops/car workshops and ask them to participate . This is important, because if not enough workshops will participate, we will not be able to serve customers good enough.

Repair shops will have to pay 5% of the billing amount to DriveAgain as a fee, while the service is completely free of charge for the customer.

We're looking for a simple, clean and friendly design that creates trust. Must be easy to read and show the most important messages very clear.

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